Balance That Is Equal in Power

Our purpose in this life is to express our soul within the world, to create in the direction of love. All of creation is ultimately driven by that force of love and yet, as a whole, humanity has suppressed that power allowing the mind to take control thereby blocking the flow of our soul within our lives. Now as the energy changes and a new wave breaks upon the shore we are urged to focus on our soul’s light and allow life to unravel.  

Allow what needs to fall away, old ideas and the perceptions of how you think things should be and let them be. You stand on the brink of a new world. Step out of your mind and into the space of your heart, that space of your soul, and let the creative power of love reawaken within you. Now is the time to create a balance that is equal in power and benefits all.  

Much love 



cyndy 7th January 2021 2:11 pm

The vibration of EQUALITY is the color of periwinkle.
A large scale of how things interact when they are balanced. :smitten:


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