Choose to Elevate Your Mind

This is a powerful time of healing and development. New growth, expansion and possibilities have been initiated by last week’s New Moon energies. As a result of this shift powerful revelations and realisations are surfacing to support us in clearing the outdated and damaging inner dialogues that come out of the past. With this clearing we are creating space for new perspectives and innovative ways of thinking to emerge. 

Witness and observe the old thoughtforms and patterns within you that cause you to react habitually to life. Recognise that the judgment and criticism, which comes so easily to mind, shrinks your perspective and limits the expansiveness of your soul. Take responsibility now for changing this dialogue from the inside out and choose to elevate your perspective, reassess your beliefs and reconsider your assumptions and interpretations.


VAARRR 16th February 2021 10:33 am

message from me
today for the first time we have chosen a positive sublime development scenario


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