Daily Inspiration Roundup 16th - 19th September 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 16th September 2019.

Monday 16th September: Balancing (part 1)

In the past few thousand years our world was shaped to function according to the masculine form of thought and structure. Domination, aggression, force and control have been at the heart of all our relationships and social conditions. The feminine qualities of intuition, healing, nurturing and compassion were discredited and condemned. Thus the balance between the feminine and the masculine energies was destroyed.

Currently these two forces of creation are being brought into balance, a balance that is equal in power and responsibility. It is important to remember that as you have both feminine and masculine energies within you, this balance is starting within you first. This process can be deeply uncomfortable as your inner foundations shift to accommodate a more balanced state. Go easy on yourself you are clearing thousands of years of outdated conditioning and programming.

Tuesday 17th September: Balancing (part 2)

We are in a time where everything is being revealed....the imbalance, the disconnection, the wounding, the damage all that is in need of healing and release. The old order is being destroyed giving rise to the new. At the same time seeds of our new lives are silently germinating in our hearts readying themselves for the time when they will burst forth with visions of a new life.

The energetic cords to the past are being severed enabling you to overcome your fears and claim your true power. As a result, old habits and patterns are dying a natural death making room for the possibility and the potential of a new you. Remember that to be whole is your life's journey. To find balance and to be conscious in thought, action and feeling is the key. Become deeply aware of the healing being offered to you now. Show up and be present to what is being revealed as impressive shifts occur changing the direction of your life, how you perceive yourself, others and your place in this world

Wednesday 18th September: Infinite Potential

Many of us have been called to earth at this critical time to be in service to humanity. Much of this service includes undoing the habitual patterns of human consciousness and clearing that which may be obstructing humanity's evolution. This can seem like a daunting task as we unravel and unmask all that is dysfunction, damage and wounded in our world. But it is only when we discover the root of our collective suffering that we are able to weed out the debris of the past and bring our collective fears to light for healing and release.

Currently the incoming energy is working to purify your energetic system ridding it of the poisons from the past. At the same time your soul force is being repatterned reconnecting you to your destiny and the great power and blessings that are coming your way. You have worked hard even in the moments where you have lost faith. Now it is time to see the world through new eyes. To see once again with wonder and awe the infinite potential that exists.

Thursday 19th September: Grace and Ease

We are experiencing the breakdown and simultaneous release of the foundational energies of our world. The resulting purification and timeline shifts make it very difficult to see our way forward. Nonetheless, despite all the disarray a profound healing and release is occurring which is expanding a new level of consciousness across the planet.

In this busy world it can be difficult to find the time to slow down and fully experience the peace that can facilitate this current journey of healing, growth and evolution. However, as we draw closer to the Equinox this weekend it is important to allow for some quiet time to appreciate your current process. Heed the call for healing and transformation by spending time moving into the deeper caverns of your soul. Find a quiet place that opens your heart and soul to the insights and wisdom you need to move forward with grace and ease.

Much love



cyndy 20th September 2019 1:56 pm

I appreciated this from you and for anyone who is drawn to it;
From mentoring with an energy person . She would say," woman have been especially
conditioned to serve (service is an old binding obligation and binding responsibility)
Replace the word service with joyous creation."

And I, for myself, am never sure when to speak and when not to speak. This change from service to joyous creation speaks loudly to me.


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