Daily Inspiration Roundup 1st - 5th April 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 1st April.

1st April: Coming Full Circle

Awareness is growing around the many ways in which we, as humanity, have abused our power and energy creating destruction on many levels. All actions and deeds come full circle as the Universal laws are always upheld. These Universal laws reveal the beauty and sacredness of all life and the responsibility we have to uphold these principles. Our task now is to embody these sacred laws and recreate a reality that is in balance with all living things.

The incoming energies are exposing the inner workings of your life enabling you to see what is really brewing on the inside. The clarity emerging requires that you openly and honestly look at the energy that lies behind what you are wanting to manifest in this new reality. Are you working to manifest the needs and wants of your ego or the hopes and dreams of your soul?

2nd April: Next Wave

Indigenous peoples have always know that on the deepest level of our being we are vibrating fields of energy intertwined in a web of connectivity in which every living thing is interconnected. With the many challenges facing us today from global warming to environmental degradation, social unrest to political upheaval, it is clear we need a new vision of how we can live together in a way that establishes a higher consciousness, a consciousness which integrates the spiritual with the physical, the heart with the mind and recognises our essential interrelatedness.

Currently the energy is building preparing you for the New Moon on the 5th. Huge releases are occurring purging the old and readying you for another wave of transformation and change. The intensity is pushing your endurance levels to the max. Remember that spending time in nature helps to integrate and attune to the energetic environment. At this time make it a priority to spend time outside consciously connecting with the Earth. Grounding is essential as it will help to stabilise you as the waves of energy continue.

3rd April: Meet Your True Calling

The energy shifts and changes we have endured thus far have facilitated the gradual embodiment of our soul. This process has been greatly accelerated which is bring many new paths, directions and opportunities. It is always our choice whether to embrace these new possibilities. We can choose to continue our path of growth and recreate our reality, or we can remain unchanging in the destruction and the chaos of the old world.

The incoming energies are revealing the hidden motivations behind all that you do, expanding your consciousness and deepening your awareness. The inner aspects of your soul are being exposed, which is shifting your external reality and changing your life accordingly. It is time to meet your true calling without fear or attachment.

4th April: Brilliance

The incoming New Moon energy is attuning us to the brilliance of our spiritual destiny. It is dissolving our feelings of lethargy and apathy and helping us to remember the creative gifts we carry into this life. We are being invited to learn and rediscover the truth of who we are through the path of our heart.

It is time to stop suffering and listen deeply to the voice of your soul as it emerges from within your heart and mind. You are being invited to live your truest passions, to realise your own unique destiny as it relates to the future evolution of humanity. The time has come for you to truly embrace your sacred destiny by allowing the old world to die away. Flow with the rhythm of the cosmos and you will find yourself rooted and safe in the inevitable change and uncertainty of this dying world.

5th April: New Moon

The growth of human consciousness is blossoming in the light of this New Moon calling us to step beyond the limits of our past. To shed the stories that have defined us, defined how we live and how we experience life. We are not made nor defined by our past and we are reminded to be in the world but not of it. To dream a new reality into being but to remain detached from the experience of it.

You are moving beyond the stories of your past and into alignment with who you truly are. As you drop the clock of your past the light of your soul is revealed enabling you to retrieve your destiny. All earthly burdens are lifted and your vision purified assisting you in discovering new potentials and unimagined possibilities. Clear all distractions from you life and you will become receptive to manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams. Rest safely in the knowing that greater clarity is emerging and good things will come from this turbulent time.



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