Daily Inspiration Roundup 29th April - 3rd May 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 29th April.

29th April: Soul Journey

There is still much confusion as to what the soul is, how it functions and where it resides. What we do know is that our soul is an extension of our divine self. It is neither spirit nor matter and exists within a multidimensional universe. It is crystalline in nature and a fragment of pure light essence. It is programmed to record our journey through the universe and is our link to the Divine Creator.

As the old paradigm continues to dissolves your soul's energy is released enabling you to reclaim all the lost facets of your soul. It is crucial that you surrender to this journey. Mourn what has been lost but do not cling to the old. Your task now is to activate and incorporate all aspects and attributes of your soul so that you may use these for the greatest good. Allow nothing to get in the way of this process. Heal the parts of you that feel unworthy, the parts that believe you are not enough. Make peace with your past and remember that you are only responsible for your own actions.

30th April: Perspective

Powerful waves of energy are continually radiating towards the Earth activating and awakening the hearts of all humanity. Ancient imbalances within the planet are being cleared and released creating a profound process of clearing and release for each individual upon the planet. As a result, there is, and will continue to be, a period of intense purification as the energies of the Earth and humanity realign.

Your life is being brought into perspective revealing the darkness that you have lived with for so long. It important that you trust that what is occurring is for your highest and best good. Your fears, your pain and your potential are arising. How you manage yourself during this time is key. Be present and conscious. Examine your attitudes and your actions. Whatever obstacles or challenges your are facing right now offer you an opportunity to regroup, to reconsider and to reflect on the choices you are currently making. Make this time count!

2nd May: Sacred Reality

Like a seed the future is only just emerging and resetting the entire energy flow of the planet. Change cannot be avoided and what we are experiencing in these profound times is the manifestation of that which is in need of healing and or transformation. Whether this be within our world or within ourselves it is up to us to heal, change, transform as we move forward.

As you adapt to the incoming energies a deeper awareness of your soul and its sacred reality will arise encouraging you to reclaim all the lost pieces of your soul. This sacred process will birth a new wisdom and awaken a new peaceful state of being within you. The inner aspects of your soul will then become more and more evident in your external reality changing your life accordingly. Pay attention. This is the time for courageous action. Do not let hesitation get in the way. Consciously step forward with integrity, humility and gratitude.

3rd May: Sacred Reality

The energies of tomorrow's New Moon are asking us to reassess how we create balance in our lives. This is a time when everything is being revealed making us more aware of the need to heal and transform our lives. The incoming energies are igniting every aspect of our lives, all our karma, our unresolved pain and the deep soul wounds we have carried for eons. At the same time it is imperative that we lift our spirits and ignite a sense of wonder, curiosity and magic into our lives.

This is a breakthrough moment where you are releasing the patterns of your past and finding a different way of being. You can no longer ignore nor deny the healing that is required and the changes that you need to make.The New Moon offers you the opportunity to see your life through new eyes. To see the infinite potential for miracles and magic. Make time this weekend to step into conscious connection with the Divine by spending time in nature. Awakening to the beauty of the Earth and the miracle of life on this planet will rekindle the energy and inspiration you need to move forward.

Much love



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