Deep & Lasting Change

Yesterday’s New Moon is a bookend to the New Moon Solar Eclipse we had at the Solstice in June. As such it is closing a cycle and will bring to the surface any unresolved and unhealed emotions, patterns and beliefs. With two Cancer New Moons in a row, the incoming energy has been stirring the waters of our emotional life to dissolve the oldest patterns and the thickest blocks. These patterns and blocks have contributed to events and experiences in our lives that are no longer relevant and need to be cleared.

As you navigate your way through this time remember that at this moment there is a destructive intensity being brought to your life, which is emphasising the release of old energy and old emotions. This release is necessary and will free you from the ancient limitations of the past which have become oppressive and burdensome. You may now begin to see how your present life circumstances are as a result of your past conditioning and unconscious beliefs. Consequentially you are being urged to relieve your suffering through deep and lasting change.

Much love




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