Energy Report - 2016 Year of the Soul

2016 promises to be a year of surprises, miracles and magic.  The year opens with a supportive cosmic energy that asks you to let go and trust in the guiding spirit of the universe.  It is going to be another year of deep healing and collective awakening, which will move to expand your capacity for love.  Everything you have endured to now has facilitated the gradual full embodiment of your soul and the reclamation of your body of light.  Self growth, healing and spiritual evolution has accelerated this process and brought many new paths, directions and opportunities. This will continue as we move into this new year.  It is of course always your choice whether to embrace these new possibilities  You may choose to continue your path of growth and shift your reality, or to remain unchanging in the destruction and chaos of the old world.  Only you have the power to choose.

A definite shift in realities will occur this year as a deeper awareness of our multidimensional existence becomes more evident.  As multidimensional beings, living in a multidimensional universe, we exist in many different versions at once.  Each reality affects and informs all other realities as everything is connected to everything else.  The multidimensional nature of your soul’s experience creates a unique opportunity to learn, grow, explore and evolve.  As your consciousness continues to expand you will come to realise you are your own universe split into every possible manifestation.  Your awareness of other realities will deepen and become more apparent as the year unfolds.  This new awareness will open doorways allowing for a reunion with your soul origin and a deeper merging with your spiritual essence.  

In the years since 2012 change and transformation have held us tight within its grasp.  In 2016 we see these inner changes and transformations coming to a head.  As you adapt to the incoming energies a deeper awareness of your soul and its sacred reality will bring about a profound shift in your life, your purpose and your reason for being here during these significant times.  The inner aspects of your soul will become more evident in your external reality and your life will change accordingly.

The last few years have given you many opportunities to embrace your true spirit, which has released you from old patterns and limitations.  Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically you have healed, released, realigned, processed and purged over and over again.  It has been a monumental time of change, which has initiated the reconnection of your soul and the reclamation of your Lightbody.

Your process of transition into light has been gradual as your energy field has been infused with and realigned to light.  The reclamation of your Lightbody has been created by the Earths current transition and has not been an optional experience  Each individual has been evolving and absorbing light at their own pace, yet when one is conscious of the process, transformation occurs at a faster rate.  Those that are unconscious are absorbing light in direct relation to the Earths changes.  No one has been immune to these shifts and changes and every individual on the planet has been offered the opportunity to heal, grow and evolve.

Each New Year since 2012 has unlocked gateways through which new energy and new understandings have emerged.  If we break down the last four years we can see how our process of growth has evolved -

  • 2012 was a year of spiritual transformation and brought about an extraordinary spiritual awakening.  The predicted ‘Great Shift’ in consciousness began.  In essence what was initiated was the shift from limited consciousness to expanded consciousness, a more spiritually evolved state of being.  This introduced an increase in divine light, which poured into the Earth’s atmosphere and has continued to be the force behind all of your evolutionary processes to date.  This increase in light brought forth an unfolding of your full divine potential, which prompted a greater expansion of your human consciousness.
  • 2013 saw the mental aspect of humanity being triggered.  Your mental body has been limited and controlled by old programs and out dated beliefs.  Habitual thoughts become powerful patterns, which directly affect your life and the world in different ways.  The mental body is designed to naturally evolve and transform.  The energies of 2013 produced a transformation and an upgrade in your mental body, which enabled it to begin reflecting a higher frequency energy pattern.  As you integrated these new energies during the year new patterns and thought forms where created.  Thus human consciousness expanded.
  • 2014 brought a transformation and healing within the emotional body.  The transformations in the mental body initiated a shift in your emotional state.  This shift allowed for the release of old emotional blocks and patterns creating a space for the reemergence of joy, unconditional love, compassion, empathy and the awakening of the heart of humanity.
  • 2015 triggered an increase in divine light flooding the planet.  This light moved to powerfully transform and shift the energy of the physical body.  This body is your base structure of light and encases the light of your divinity.  It is the heaviest body in your energy field and takes huge amounts of light energy to shift.  Thus the increase in light energy was was necessary to create essential changes and transformations.  Each atom, cell, electron, neuron, tissue and strand of DNA was stimulated with new consciouness activating your divine blueprint for life.

Of course all your energy bodies are intertwined and interconnected so the effects of all the changes and transformations informed and affected each body simultaneously.  As you move into 2016 you will experience a profound expansion, which will bring an active re-assessment of your life and final surrender to your destiny.  This will enable you to truly become the divine instrument you are called to be and allow your divinity to determine your life.

2016 will see you reclaiming all the multiple facets of your soul, which will enable you to move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your divine self.  Your task will be to activate and incorporate the divine qualities and attributes of your soul and then use these for the greatest good.  There is still much confusion as to what the soul is, how it functions and where it resides.  What we do know is that your soul is an extension of your divine self.  It is neither spirit nor matter and exists within a multidimensional universe.  It is crystalline in nature and a fragment of pure light essence.  Your soul is programmed to record your journey through the universe and is your link to the Divine Creator.  

Your soul resides in your sacred heart and contains a seed for full self realisation.  This seed contains an overview of all the highlights of every life you have ever lived, the major lessons you learnt and the talents and gifts you perfected as your journeyed through the cosmos.  You have been programmed in this lifetime to awaken your sacred heart, to cultivate this seed and thus activate your full soul potential.  Your process of healing, growth and transformation has stirred the seed and is now initiating the unification of all soul fragments within your being.  All lives, lifetimes and fragments of your soul are connected through the light of your spirit.  However, trauma, suffering and pain can fragment your soul leaving aspects stuck and or limited in old patterns of energy.  Your understanding of the intricate process of reconnecting with the many facets of your soul will help you to move through the coming year with greater ease and grace.

As you go through this years transformations and vibrational shifts you will move beyond the massive belief patterns of the collective consciousness and attune with your cosmic consciousness via the many facets of your soul.  Your soul consciouness will expand to reconnect you with the highest levels of your soul potential.  Boundaries to multidimensional consciousness will begin to fall away and you will gain access to all of your soul’s wisdom, talents and gifts.  Your task, beginning this year, will be to expand, evolve and heal all aspects of your soul to create a unified force through which a new reality of love, harmony, balance and peace may emerge.

Hidden fears may still arise and you may still find yourself clinging to old comfort zones before being able to completely let go.  In those times it is important to remember there is no turning back now.  Be kind, gentle and compassion with yourself in these moments.  Your progress has brought you to this unbelievable place and as the year unfolds you will see and understand just how connected, centred and filled with purpose you are.

As you continue your path of personal growth and spiritual evolution your duty is to remember the old and wise aspect of yourself, to uncover its truth and to break through that which continues to cloud your inner divine light.  Remember you cannot convey that which you have not yet claimed as your won.  The incoming energies of this year will activate your ability to transmit perfect patterns of light into the world.  Your scope of influence will increase as you become fully engaged, with focused awareness, on the events of everyday life.  Thus it is imperative that you learn to process the harmonious and discordant energy patterns to which you are subjected to.  Take appropriate action.  Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self.  Do not turn your back on the world and life’s experiences, face them head on.  Learn to view life from a higher perspective and endeavour to see the bigger picture.

The ultimate journey is the realisation of every aspect of your being.  To be completely conscious of yourself as a multidimensional being.  Liberating yourself from that which continues to keep you bound will activate divine energies to speed up your progress, connect you to your divine centre and expose the pure, clear consciousness you hold within.  It is time to claim your space in the total universe and place yourself in the centre of your purpose.  Allow the ancient wisdom and truth of your soul to guide your way.


Peter fox 7th January 2016 11:47 am

Phenomenal,Kate- simply phenomenal! Thank you so much- This is SO exciting! Love to all....Peter.

Deeni 7th January 2016 1:11 pm

Thank You so much, Kate.


I have a perma-grin affixed to my face.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )


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