Energy Report for April 2016

At this time in Earth’s history every human upon the planet is experiencing a dramatic leap in soul evolution. The Earth is initiating this powerful process through an expansion of her own inner consciousness, creating a wave of transformation across the globe. As this transformation unfolds shifts will occur throughout the galaxy and beyond changing the very structure of our universe. It is this evolutionary process that is initiating our current journey of awakening and creating a transformation within our individual and collective energetic structures.

It is the activation of Christ Consciousness, which has catalyzed all of life into this period of profound growth and transformation. As this consciousness continues to unfold within you, you will be required to reestablish and re-stabilize your energetic system within the evolving energy girds in the Earth. These energy grids are what reflect and regulate consciousness on the planet. As they transform and evolve it is our human consciousness that is required to shift and change to ensure our continued physical existence on the planet. It is only in awakening, healing and expanding your consciousness that you are able to remain connected to the evolving grids in the Earth.

At this time the significant downloads of new energy directed towards the Earth are flooding the grids with a higher vibration of energy. This energy carries light codes that are of a more refined and purified nature. These light codes are emphasizing areas within the Earth’s grids where healing, transformation and release are required. Each individual as well as the collective consciousness are feeling this as any imbalance and unhealed aspects within ourselves and our world are being highlighted and brought to conscious awareness. This is an uncomfortable process, which is disrupting and destabilizing your energetic structure. The purpose is to encourage your healing and expansion. It is only when you heal and expand your consciousness exponentially that you can reestablish and secure your connection to the grids.

March was an intense month, which saw the energetic vibration of the Earth’s grids rise quite significantly. The Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on the 9th birthed a new energy, which targeted the spiritual grids and thus your spiritual body. This incoming energy moved to clear and realign your entire energetic structure. With the Equinox on the 20th the energy moved to affect the mental grids, thus expanding your consciousness and birthing a new awareness of the healing required at this time. The energy at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd ignited the emotional grids and brought a release of the emotional debris of the past. Easter on the 27th focused the energy on the physical grids, which destabilized your energetic structure to create a release of cellular memory from within your DNA.

Your DNA contains all information about you, your soul, your essence as well as all information about the Earth and the cosmos. The more your DNA is activated the more information you have access to. Old soul patterning, programming and karma can block the incoming light codes and suppress your DNA preventing it from fully activating. The disruption and destabilization of your energy system by the incoming energies is allowing for a greater awareness of your soul patterns, programming and karma. When you process, heal and release these old soul aspects, the light codes are able to penetrate your energetic system and thus activate your DNA.

Remember that 2016 is the Year of the Soul. As such you will become more and more aware of the need to heal and transform on that level. This is a time when everything is being revealed. The incoming light codes are activating your energy structure and also igniting every aspect of your soul. All your karma, your unresolved pain, the deep soul wounds you have carried for eons, all that you have denied and suppressed is being exposed. This is a breakthrough or a breakdown moment. You get to choose. Now is the time to get very real, to become very conscious and to make a firm decision to heal. You have to change these patterns. You have to find a way to stop reacting to life in the same old ways. You have to make a conscious choice to find a different way. You can no longer ignore nor deny the healing that is required and the changes that you need to make.

The divine plan for your life will only begin to unfold when you heal and release the old patterns and programs of your soul. It is only with the unfolding of this plan that your soul’s evolution and continued journey upon this planet is assured. The more you awaken and heal, the more you illuminate your path and your sacred purpose, which only becomes tangible if you accept this profound soul transformation. Only when you liberate your soul from the trappings of it’s past can you begin to fulfill you destiny and anchor the perfect, infinite and eternal aspect of your being in material form.

To walk this path of consciousness you must go beyond your wounds and accept this profound opportunity. Follow the inner pathways of your heart and unlock the doorway to your soul. Rekindle the hopes, prayers and dreams you hold for this life. Be receptive to the inner workings of your soul and you will receive subtle insights and messages to guide you forward. Gather yourself in preparation of the discovery of a new life, with new experiences that call to your heart and soul. Remember that you are destined to reunite with the purity of divine love and light. Your quest is to fulfill this destiny by courageously pursuing the path of the heart. You are being granted a new birth, which carries the seeds necessary for the emerging new earth.


spiritdiver 5th April 2016 5:54 pm


Thank you for the very eloquent message. It, in truth, is a very powerful time indeed (indeed)! :smitten:


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