Energy Report for August 2015

Humanity is currently transforming and evolving at an accelerated rate never experienced before.  The incoming energies are escalating growth, awakening and healing for all.  Intense waves of energy are coming to flood the planet, bringing new understandings and new ways of being into direct focus.  Confusion and frustration are just some of the feelings caused as we learn to manage these energies in our day-to-day lives.  

This month we have the powerful 8:8:8 gateways, which bring with it the tsunami of all energy waves.  The Lion’s Gate on the 26th July created an ebb in the energy’s power as the wave pulled back to gather more force and strength.  This force and strength was enhanced and reinforced by the energy of the Blue Moon on the 31st July.  These two powerful alignments are supporting the building this tsunami that will flood the planet with the opening of the 8:8:8 portal on the 8th of August.  

The 8:8:8 portals will usher in an intensive wave of energy that will hit every area of our lives with raw, transformative power.  The very foundations of our lives and reality are about to shift substantially.  As we move along with the rivers and tides of energy we gather and integrate more of our multidimensional aspects.  It is these aspects that we require to recreate our world and our reality.  The waves coming in this month are bigger and far greater than ever experienced.  Every aspect of reality will be bathed with light and consciousness.  The goal of these power surges is to awaken, enlighten and evolve all humanity.  Mass awakenings will occur and no one will be immune. No one can evade these waves.

It is a very exciting point that will shift humanity, as a whole, into a new state of connection.  A more intuitive, spirit based connection that will usher in a new level of energy and expansion.  We can expect our awareness and individual energy fields to be magnified creating a profound expansion within our consciousness.  The gift will be a deeper awareness and understanding of Divine wisdom and guidance that will encourage full opening of our hearts.  This is a powerful time where you will be afforded the opportunity to fully align with your Divine purpose and to actively awaken that purpose in all areas of your life.  (We have waited a long time for this moment.)

Many are currently questioning the purpose behind their lives.  Searching for clearer insights and guidance as to what they are doing and how they are living their lives.  Even those who have been on the path of awakening for many years are finding a shift in their purpose and desire for clarity and deeper understanding.  For most of humanity these questions are considered unknowable and are generally shrugged off as they are drawn into the more mundane aspects of life.  

In these intense times we can no longer ignore the inner promptings of our hearts and souls, nor the questions arising within our consciousness. Most have lost themselves in the need to create a secular, seemingly secure material environment and lost the experience of a spiritual connection.  The questions of why we are here have been pushed aside and repressed gradually forgetting the original purpose for being on this planet.  

We are now in a time when the reality of where we, as a human race, have lost ourselves comes to the fore.  The reality of our continued existence depends upon us changing how we live, how we work and how we exist.  We are required to create a new reality in a very new way.  Thus we are being called to define our true nature, to define and clarify the path we are choosing.

As we move through the powerful 8:8:8 energetic gateways we must learn to work with the incoming energy in more empowering, joyful and graceful ways.  We are walking between the worlds, bringing to our awareness that which is need of healing, transformation and change.  It is clearly obvious in all that is currently being exposed that how we live upon this planet must change.  The old ways of manifestation no longer work.  The old ways of intention and goal setting no longer bring desired results.  The key to finding these new ways of being and living exist within the sacred spaces of our hearts.  It is essential that we are fully focused and aligned with the power of our hearts so that we may find our way in these shifting times.    

Attempting to create and manifesting anything without full alignment with your heart will result in block after block.  If you are finding this occurring in your life now, stop.  Focus your awareness and your attention at your heart.  Quite your mind and find your way back to the sacred spaces of your heart.  Allow the guidance and wisdom to arise within your consciousness and new ways of creation, new directions and opportunities will become evident.  Surrender into this process and the miracles and blessings will pour forth into your life.

You will be required to become more focused now more than ever before.  The expansive energy coming through in August will move to shift, transform and change your relationships, careers and all aspects of your life that do not serve your Divine purpose.  You will find your energy weakened and drained by the aspects that no longer serve you thus helping you to know and understand that which is in need of change and transformation.  It is important that changes are made so that you are able to move into full alignment with your heart and thus your Divine purpose.  

It is becoming more and more important for you to focus your energy on that which is most relevant to your heart, your soul and your spirit.  As you allow yourself to recognize and realize the power of your heart you will find it easier to shift whatever is needing to shift, to transform that which needs to transform and to bring the very necessary changes required in your life.   

As you allow yourself to realize that your power, your truth, is based in the pure creative power of love, you will begin to shift what is occurring in your life.  The energy of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and intentions will project your consciousness into this new reality.  Currently the energy flows are challenging the blueprints of your patterning and programming urging release and awakening you from any remaining limitations.  What is no longer relevant in your life is being cleared away, in some ways torn away, to allow for new pathways to open.  

Many of these changes can feel very overwhelming leading to anxiety, stress and fear.  If and when these feelings and emotions arise remember to focus on the every day beauty and blessings that surround you.  Remind yourself of all the little things that you can be grateful for.  Bring your awareness into the present moment as any intentions and goals are liable to change in a moment.  

Consciously choose each day, each moment, the reality you wish to exit in.  You have the power to live in a world filled with fear, destruction and anxiety, or in a world filled with love, beauty and bliss.  By consciously choosing your reality you are able to realize your own power and strength, able to reclaim the truth of your heart and bring that power as a force for change in this world.  

As you are drawn deeper into your heart the guidance, opportunities and direction you require to move forward will become more apparent.  You cannot follow your heart or know your Divine purpose if you continue to stay stagnant and refuse to change.  Reality is transforming, our world is shifting and this process can be as difficult or as easy as you wish it to be.  Awakening to the power of your heart is what makes it easy and contributes to the total shift and transformation of the collective reality.  

The planetary, collective and individual shifts and changes are a very necessary part of our transition from mind consciousness to heart consciousness.  Actively use the tools that you have available to balance and clear yourself through this process.  The boundaries of what you have previously known and understood have shifted.  You are now required to ride these waves of energy and learn how to balance yourself within this new expansive space while maintaining a strong connection to your heart.  

Embrace and celebrate your changing consciousness.  You are being called to anchor in a new awareness and thus bring a loving power and strength to your future reality. Every shift in awareness, every change in perception, each conscious action you take, each pattern you heal, changes this world and expands the collective consciousness.  Remember always to be gentle, kind and compassionate with yourself and all others.  This is the way of Unity Consciousness and you are actualizing it now.


Peter fox 6th August 2015 9:53 am

"(we have waited a long time for this moment)" - yes Kate we certainly have and thank you for your patience and guidance whilst we have waited.
Here goes and lots of love to everyone!

gretchendreisbach 6th August 2015 2:51 pm









Deeni 6th August 2015 4:07 pm

Thank You, Kate.

I am welcoming change, honoring my Heart and Soul's desires, and Lovingly creating a Divine Life.

Love is All.

I Love You All.

: )

debs go lightly 6th August 2015 4:21 pm

Thank you Kate, your words have a wonderful clarity!

Everything we need is right here, right now, in this moment.

Much love and light to all, Debs.


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