Energy Report for February 2012

For many the past few months have been a struggled and a challenge to maintain a positive attitude when being faced with seemingly overwhelming experiences. It may help to understand that you are moving through a period of transition and as such we are all facing a process of deep inner purification. Your experiences will be forcing you to deeply and radically change. In the process of change you are being offered the opportunity to take giant leaps in consciousness and thereby gain access to a higher more sacred vibration. For people who don't get it, it may seem that the world is ending. For others it is the beginning of a new way of being. It is essentail that you conciously choose the side from which you wish to view the shifts and changes.

As this year continues to unfold we will experience a sacred synergy occurring between the Divine Creator and the creative capacities of humanity. As your reality shifts Divine energy will move into the deeper, darker regions of your unconscious to purge you fo that which no longer serves you. Events in your life will compel you to engage in this purification process to clear any past patterns of energy. Old, outdated feelings, thoughts and energetic patterns can create blockages or imbalance if allowed to remain within your energy field. Purification, which is a necessary part of your Spirituality, will eliminate any of this unnecessary or ineffectual energy. The dissolution of old patterns of energy will aid you in becoming clearer and more effective in directing your energy in ways that are far more creative and deeply connected to your Spiritual self.

Many new processes and aspects to humanity’s development and growth will emerge as the dissolution of old patterns of energy aids you in clarifying your choices and the path you are undertaking. In February 2012 the energy picks up it’s pace as it moves into the deepest foundations of our realities. Both collective and personal realities will begin to dissolve (if they haven’t already), which will ultimately teach us to live honestly and authentically without the need for deception or deceit. New clarity will emerge this month to clear any remaining confusion enabling us to bridge our external realities, emotions and thoughts.

A deeper awareness of your journey will surface to encourage you (or force) you to make new conscious choices in your life. Your past, present and future realities will then meet and blend to accelerate your process of release so that Divine energy may move to fully unlock your creative faculties. The joy of creation will reawaken to supply you with a new and different understanding of the process of creation and manifestation, which will allow you to weave new perceptions, pathways and actions into your life.

The processes of creation and manifestation contain some of the most powerful energies available to us. If we continue to maintain outmoded beliefs, thoughts and desires, blockages will be created, which will result in feelings of frustration, delay and disappointment. When you align yourself with the Divine Creator you are aided in creating and manifesting that which is most fulfilling for your life. By allowing your energy systems to be purified you are able to connect with your Divine Blueprint and manifest that, which will serve you more fully upon your path.

As you blend your energy with your Divine Blueprint you increase your ability to create and manifestation becomes effortlessly. You will find there is no longer any need to struggle witht he manifestation process as you will develop a sense of faith in the Divine Creator and the provisionary powers of the Universe. This allows your path to naturally unfold before you. Each creation you then birth onto the Earth is a manifestation of light and an expression of joy. Thus your higher purpose is birthed into the world creating a more joyful life and learning experience.

Full Moon - February 7th 2012

The Sun will be in the astrological sign of Aquarius with the Moon in Leo. These two astrological signs together always indicate a time of transformation. During this Full Moon you can expect awakenings and realisations to occur as deep-seated emotions

rise to the surface for healing and release. The energy will begin to accelerate over the Full Moon period and you are urged to liberate yourself from your emotional wound, awaken your truth and follow the pathways of your heart. Deep healing and release must occur if you are to release your blocks to joyful creativity, connect with your Divine Blueprint and manifest that within this world.

With the Full Moon Saturn also starts his retrograde motion, which will continue until June 25, 2012. Saturn is the planet that gifts us with the knowledge that our Soul needs to reach its essential development in this lifetime. Saturn retrograde assists us in pushing beyond our limitations and gives us the ability to see deeply into our current situations, relationships and experiences. Your Soul is gifted with this opportunity to follow an internal process of reflection, which will enable you to reconnect your physical, material life with your Spiritual life. During this period you will be guided to align your goals and intentions with your Spiritual truth.

New Moon - February 21, 2012

With both the Moon and the Sun in Pisces this cycle will emphasise your Spiritual, intuitive, compassionate, visionary and creative qualities. Its a good time to explore your subconscious and release limiting patterns and beliefs as the healing prospects of this New Moon period will be more pronounced.



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