Energy Report for January 2014 - Sowing the Seeds of Love

Reach the end of 2013 I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we entered this New Year in the light of a New Moon.  What a great way to start a new year and rather apt at this juncture as New Moons always indicate new beginnings.  In the last few years we have gone through some incredible changes and transformations, with many difficult and challenging experiences, especially for those who are particularly sensitive.  We have faced, processed, released and realigned our entire being, which has prepared us Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for the times we are entering now.  We have two New Moons this month, which sets the tone for a month of anchoring intentions and setting heart centred goals.  All the clearing, cleansing transformation and change has prepared us for a new paradigm, a new paradise and a new heart centered perception of reality.  We may not yet know how this will manifest in the coming months but what we can be sure of is a whole new way of life.

This year change and transformation will continue, which is an inevitable process in these times of powerful personal and collective transformation. The energies in January, however, are paving the way for a rebirth and a new beginning in all areas of our lives.  We are laying out a new garden with fresh fertile soil in which the seeds of love are to be planted.  There is no need to rush this process and with two New Moons we are certainly being given ample opportunity to take time to review, reexamine and reinforce our intentions before forging ahead.  This month marks a time of clearing away the debris of the old to make way for the new, which is very ready and waiting to come in.  All that you have accomplished in the past year has honed your intuition, realigned your heart with the Divine and now it is time to live and be your greatest, fullest, most creative and loving self. 

2014 will see you fully in your power, living life your way and doing that which your heart dictates.  You can be guaranteed of a year filled with many new adventures as you birth a new paradigm for life.  You are living in a changing world, which at this time is about to enter into a whole new energetic structure.  You’ve reached a bend in the road, with the past disappearing behind you and finally releasing its grip on your life. The new energetic structure will take you in an entirely new and unexpectedly positive direction.  Using your heart as your compass will guarantee the most fulfilling, rewarding and abundantly blissful experiences.  There will be many new opportunities and expanded levels of support, which will encourage you to take the necessary action required to manifest a heart-centered life.  The guiding love and light of the Divine Creator will lead you towards your highest destiny, gifting you with the courage you require to birth the dreams of your heart into this new reality.

There is an immense power of love and hope available now, which will guide you in expanding and developing the connections between your physical and Spiritual aspects.  From this emerges a deeper realization of your own unique destiny and the role you play in the future evolution of humanity.  With this comes a profound understanding of the flawlessness and the beauty of perfection in all of Creation.  Any remaining darkened spaces within are then bathed in a powerful healing light, which draws forth the power of your heart allowing love to become your essential truth.  Thus your special gifts, unique purpose and destiny unfold and the energy of your heart is used to fuel everything thought, action and deed.  Keeping your focus on your heart enables you to then remain balanced, motivated and focused on your Divine path. 

The energy shifts and fluctuations throughout the coming months contain a lighter energy, which will lift you from the roller coast ride of the past.  (Of course if you continue to cling to the old struggle, confusion and difficulty will remain).  You are being guided through the veil of shadows, along the paths of your inner world, to embrace life in all its dimensions, to embrace your pain and suffering, all of which has strengthened your Spirit and awakened your heart.  You are moving beyond old confused emotions and distorted perceptions of reality, to be placed in sync with the rhythms of the Universe.  Be patient; see time as your ally.  Be flexible and open to the new gifts and new purpose you are birthing.  Continue to let the wisdom of your heart guide you onward and into a new life of enchantment and grace.

As move through this month there is a genuine sense of anticipation and excitement, but also feelings of uncertainty and doubt at what is ahead.  New feelings of optimism are connecting you with new inspiration, new faith and a greater trust in life. Patience is required this month as it seems you are ready and raring to go but there is a feeling of delay and suspension.  This gives you an opportunity to view exactly where you are, where you have come from and where you are going.  Once the proverbial doors open and the energy is released you need to be prepared for a rapid and swift forward movement.

In January use the energy to surrender inwardly into the areas in your life that are in need of adjustment, healing and compassion.  Travel into the depths of your heart and unlock the wisdom and guidance you need for the path ahead.  Move into the intuitive core of your being and allow yourself to re-imagine and create life anew. If you are inwardly receptive at this time you will receive subtle insights and the wisdom necessary to unlock the Divine forces of all Creation within you.  Thus awakening the pure potential you hold as an incarnation of Divinity.  As the doors to Creation open your hearts deepest hopes and desires will arise, empowering you to create a life based on your hearts expression.  Holding love as your focus rebuild, renew and allow your life to unfold beyond your wildest imaginings.

If you’re still struggling through the challenges of 2013 trust that these will slowly dissipate.  Keep your focus positive and heart centered and trust that this too shall pass…and much faster than you expect.  This is a time of serious upgrade and improvement in your life and all that you have endured has prepared you for this time.  Don’t allow your mind to sabotage any stage of this process.  Maintain your flexibility on all levels.  The timing is perfect for rethinking all that you previously thought impossible. The energies will move to stir old dreams, ambitions and desires you previously thought as unattainable, giving them an opportunity to awaken and develop.

Towards the end of the month and the second New Moon on the 30th the energy will begin to accelerate.  This New Moon also welcomes in the Chinese New Year, which is the year of the Wooden Horse.  The Wooden Horse marks a year of action, of unexpected adventure and high energy.  Events will move quickly and it’s a year to take risks, to see the world and to blaze a new way.  For some these new intense energies will come as a wonderful relief but may be a little uncomfortable for others with the usual symptoms of joint pain, exhaustion, digestive issues and low energy. Take it slow and steady and use the energies of this New Moon on the 30th to reboot and revisit the intentions and goals you set at the beginning of the month.  It’s an opportunity to determine the path you are taking and how you intend to walk/run this new path. 

January is filled with a time of regeneration with lots of new energy to prepare you for the coming months.  It may feel a little like a stop start process, which can cause impatience, frustration and irritation.  You may doubt and question what you are doing, where you are going and what you intend to do.  Be patient and use this time to prepare and reorganize your life.  Connect with the wisdom and guidance of your heart and focus on what you are using to build you new foundation and structure.  Remind yourself that you can take it slow, direct your prayers with gratitude and remember that all things occur in Divine right order.  Reawaken the joy of creation.  Remind yourself of the joy that comes when you release energy while manifesting new experiences.  You’ve found many hidden treasures buried in the darkness of your pain and suffering and your long awaited transformation is now freeing you from the confines of the past and signalling a significant rebirth.  Rise up and receive the many blessing of this new life.  Awaken the ever-flowing magic and creativity that resides within you and allow your being to produce the beautiful colours of your potential.  


Peter fox 13th January 2014 10:10 am

Absolutely fantastic,Kate- thank you so much and have a wondrous year!

keryndawer 13th January 2014 12:18 pm

Breathtakingly awesome Kate....Thank you so much! I can't think of a better title for our current times than "Sowing the Seeds of Love!"...I'll be singing this happy tune all day. :) :) :)

Truly and with Gratitude,

Phoenix1111 13th January 2014 12:51 pm

Love this Kate, came at a perfect time thank you so much for posting :)


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