Energy Report for July 2011

July 2011 opens on the 1st with a partial Solar Eclipse taking place within a Cardinal Cross and a New Moon in the astrological sign of Cancer.  This is also the third eclipse in a row and the third consecutive year where an eclipse has occurred within the sign of Cancer.  A New Moon gifts us with the opportunity to expand our awareness and consciously initiate profound changes.  This New Moon is greatly intensified with the added energy of the eclipse and the Cardinal Cross.

This Cardinal Cross involves the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn sitting within the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  The Cardinal Signs involve action and will now show where in your life you need to take action.  Uranus is known as the ‘Awakener’ and as such brings sudden changes and upheavals that are often a necessary requirement in order for us to break free from restrictions and onto a more liberated path.  Pluto’s energy is a powerful force that is felt both on a collective and an individual level.  It determines how we shall transform through the external events in our lives.  Saturn offers deeper insights into areas of our life where we shall face our most intense internal battles.  It requires us to preserve through our trials and to build towards self-mastery in a step-by-step manner.  With these three powerful planets placed in a cross within the four cardinal signs and added to the energy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon, a new phase of our evolutionary process is very definitely being indicated.

As this intensely powerful energy moves within us it is essential that we be ready and willing to change and transform on a much deeper, internal level.  We are being urged to transform ourselves, how we think, feel and react.  Emotions will be especially heightened.  Anything that may have been suppressed, hidden, ignored or denied will move to the surface of our awareness via different external experiences.  The impact of this energy will expand our current awareness and the perceptions we hold regarding ourselves, our life purpose and how this is or isn’t being brought into physical manifestation.

You may feel this energy as frustration, anger, stress, pressure, and conflict.  It may feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions at once.  The key is to utilise the energy and take the necessary guided action.  It is vital to become fully conscious of the direction your life is taking, to determine whether your life is being directed by the choices you are guided to make via your intuition, or is your life being determined by the external influences of the world and others.  If there are aspects to your life that are not working, you are required to take action to transform them or it may well be forced upon you.

The intensity of feelings will demand that you break free from the old, reform your ways, work with your intuition and implement the new ideas, thoughts and inspirations, you are being guided to apply to create something better.   This process may well feel like you are tapping into unknown areas of your inner and outer worlds.  It is even more important at this time to regularly connect with your intuitive aspect through your heart and reawaken your innate knowledge and wisdom that will support your path of awakening.  By developing a strong connection to the voice of your heart and thus a connection to the Divine Creator, you will be able to swiftly shift beyond your fears and discomfort.  It becomes easier to then release any remaining resistance to change and draw upon the Divine Creator for necessary support, love and guidance.

The flow of this energy will impact us for the next few weeks and will peak with the Full Moon in Capricorn on July the 14th/15th.  As this month continues it becomes essential that you call upon your Spiritual reservoirs of strength and courage to stay centred and balanced, to accept what is occurring and what you are being guided to change.  Until the next New Moon on July 30th you can expect the energy to demand that you release all that is not authentically you.  The powerful energy of this month will allow you to become profoundly aware of your journey towards wholeness, forgiveness, compassion and love.  Your experience of reality shall occur more within the feeling realm and less within the thinking.  This process will expand your awareness enabling you to consciously express the balanced Feminine and Masculine qualities of your Soul.

Much of our current evolutionary process has involved a reconnection to and a reawakening of the Divine Feminine aspect that resides within every individual.  In the last three years, where an eclipse has occurred in the sign of Cancer, there has been a very significant increase in this reawakening.  The intuitive sense, which is a Feminine quality, has grown and developed shaping our increased sensitivity and awareness of feelings, emotions and the need for the Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, nurturing, compassion, understanding and unconditional love.  Your intuition is the greatest power you have and gifts you with the ability to receive constant Divine knowledge and guidance from your eternal Soul.  As you continue to strengthen your intuition you will develop a deep sensitivity and awareness, which will enable you to maintain balance.

A balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy is a requirement for all who wish to move into conscious Oneness with the Divine Creator.   During July, as the Sun moves from the watery, feminine sign of Cancer and into the fiery, masculine energy of Leo on the 22nd, you will move ever closer towards a balance of the Feminine and Masculine energies. Your experience within the every changing flow of evolutionary energies will stabilise shifting you into a more authentic experience of your true Divine nature.

Another New Moon occurs in July on the 30th in the astrological sign of Leo.  With the arrival of this New Moon we move finally through the powerful time of July and firmly into the Leo energy.  Leo energy ushers in a time of greater self-awareness and self-assurance.  Feelings of excitement and joy will now encourage you to creatively put into action the intuitive guidance, feelings, ideas and thoughts you would have unearthed during this month.


shapeshifter 7th July 2011 1:50 pm

Thanks Kate, for this thorough explanation of the energy that is affecting us at this point in time.
It's always reassuring to receive feedback that matches my own feelings and experiences.


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