Energy Report for June 2013

As a global family we are all in a time that is the culmination of our entire Earthly experience.  As Souls we are continually awakening and thus in a state of continual change and Spiritual development.  Our human existence carries waves of change throughout the entire Universe to continue and expand the circle of Spiritual growth and evolution for all of life.  As such the energies of this time are encouraging us to embody Divinity in a human form and to anchor our Spiritual selves within our physical bodies.  After what seems like a lifetime of intense energetic activity the last few months have seen a noticeable increase in the intensity of the energy and its impact on us and our lives.

With the help of three eclipse's over April and May your growth and development have been powerfully accelerated.  This eclipse season began with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April the 25th, peaked with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th of May and ended with another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th May.  With the added impact of the solar activity in the last month the energy has felt so incredibly intense that it has been difficult to contain.  It feels like everything within our being and in our lives is being ripped apart from the inside out....Everything is transforming at once creating feelings of instability, turbulence and chaos.

Eclipses bring about change and transformation, often marking a time of profound shifts in energy and direction.  Changes initiated by the energy of an eclipse can sometimes be as gentle as a breeze, or so drastic that the landscape of our lives is permanently altered.  This eclipse season was one of the latter.  It has activated a crucial stage in our evolutionary growth and development where our very foundations have been broken apart.  It has been a rough few months, which has brought about a catharsis of pent up energy, buried emotions and painful memories. 

This eclipse season not only created an intense cleansing process, it also acted like a beacon of light, enabling you to see where and how you need to shift your direction.  The power generated by the eclipse's opened direct doorways into the Universal Void, the place of all Creation.  The Void is a place where all of life is imagined and created.  A space where a new awareness emerges to create a breakthrough experience of some kind.  It contains within it a force for healing, and as you move into the Void you embark on a journey of remembering.  Remembering who you truly are to embrace all aspects of yourself and thus generate the knowing of your greatest self. 

During this critically important phase of your Spiritual journey a powerful current of energy has been released via these doorways to flow throughout the entire structure of your life.  You have been gifted with the opportunity to walk into the unknown, to take responsibility for your experience and to fully face your self-created reality.  An enormous wave of cleansing and clearing is penetrating deep into the very core of your being to release you from the grip of old negative behaviours, patterns, values, attitudes and beliefs.   This powerful energy is moving your into the realms of deep healing to release you from long held, deeply hidden patterns.  Old wounds, emotions and feelings that you have not yet confronted are being awakened for release.  There are layers to this process and it is vial to continue to allow the energy to proceed without interruption.  To allow emotions and feelings to rise up from the depths of  your being and to let them go.  Honour the pain, the wounds and the emotions but allow for the cleansing of this old energy to occur.    The Void is calling you to face your biggest fears, to realise your greatest potential and to reclaim your Spiritual heritage.

In this month of June you will arrive at a new starting point.  Layers of old energy, which has been stifling your growth are being stripped away to dissolve your old self and to awaken your true self.  At the core of your being is your True Self that you may have never known.  Your True Self is perfect, complete and infinitely loving.  It is an everlasting, eternal Spiritual being that is made up of pure love energy.  Your True self feels no fear, anxiety or depression.  It knows only total bliss.  When your True Self is awoken, you are freed from many of the fears, anxieties and worries that unnecessarily affect you.  As your True Self awakens you will discover a profound inner peace that will unveil and liberate your Divinity from the depths of your heart and Soul. 

The energy of June will be like an elixir of love that will help to heal the wounds and sorrows of the past, gifting you with the ability to break free from any remaining limitations, to seek your truth and to balance you heart and mind.  A new awareness will emerge to support you in recognising and releasing your attachments to the past.  The time of processing and healing will encourage an integration of the inner changes and transformations you are experiencing.   These changes will see you awakening to something new and profound within yourself, supporting a reunion with your True Self.  Sudden changes and new directions will emerge, gifting you with the opportunity to reconsider how you are building your future.  New opportunities will encourage you to construct your life in a more meaningful and connected way.

It will be especially important in this time to respond to life with the wisdom of your heart and to allow the wisdom of your Spirit to guide your actions.  Deep insights will come as new awareness of your Divine qualities emerges.  This will allow you a profound understanding of the different layers of your being.  As you learn to access and work with these different layers you will gain the ability to retrieve wisdom, guidance and inspiration from your deepest self.

As you move towards the close of this profound phase of cleansing, clearing and healing the energy pathways of your being will be purged to allow the dreams of your heart to awaken.  Your pure potential will rapidly move to the surface of your consciousness, creating an expansion and acceleration of your energy field beyond anything that has previously been possible.  Unification with your True Self will allow for further merging of your Light Body and physical body, bringing a complete change in your cellular consciousness.  Your physical body will then become a fluid, pulsing beat of light information that emanates the frequency of the Divine in human form.  As you dance yourself into the fluidity of joy and harmony you will awaken the power of compassion, love and unity within your entire being.  These are your gifts to share and it is time now that you seek ways in which you can share them in celebration of all of life.


zorro 12th June 2013 9:44 am

We stand ready to create a new world, a new reality and to allow the emergence of our divine selves and the natural occurance of miracles from this divine spark as we interact with our worlds. Will you join me in acknowledging our wholeness as we move beyond process addiction to straight-forward acceptance of our divine nature in real-time now. I salute all who are willing and ready to "pick up their beds and walk" and talk the new language of love. For once we spoke as a child, but now our time of maturity is at hand, and hearts beat universally in rythym to this new song of creation. I feel a new depth of knowingness and an audible pounding in my heart that is strong and clear that a new world, a new language of love, and the fulfillment of a promised world can no longer wait. It rushes forth now and calls our active participation in the powerful new cymatic wave we all actively feel.

Peter fox 12th June 2013 10:21 am

Kate - Thank you,what a wonderful overview of what has been and is
currently happening. I never thought I would be able to say this but
everything you have said actually makes sense to me!
Consequently, I also agree with everything Zorro so eloquently put -
in fact so eloquently that I had,in my ignorance, look up Cymatics on
wikepedia! For anyone else unfamiliar with the term it makes fascinating
reading. Thanks Zorro!

betsy. 12th June 2013 11:24 am

Thank you, Kate, for these moving, loving words. I sincerely appreciate your sharing your wisdom. Thank you as well, Zorro, for your words were also moving & inspiring, felt like a call to action finally. Thank you, Peter, for I too am unaware of the meaning of 'cymatic' - I have a somewhat limited vocabulary after watching Barney, Disney, and Sesame Street all those years w/my children LOL - but it's now on my list to look up today! Thank each of you for sharing. Much love to all of you! :smitten:

benners 12th June 2013 1:31 pm

Thank you Kate for such profound and fitting words for what I've been experiencing this month. I've just recently acknowledged a destructive relationship pattern that has been present all of my life. It was amazing to see it so clearly for the first time and see how the lesson was necessary for me to stop giving my power away and see my own value. This will help to heal deep wounds and release the lesson to allow for a healthier relationship in the future. Thank you for putting into words this entire process for me!

LauriLumby 12th June 2013 4:09 pm

Can I hear an AMEN!? EXACTLY what has been unfolding in my own life.....being freed (no longer painfully stripped) of old language, old ways of being, old images of who I thought I was supposed to be and then simply finding myself in a new world. No drama. No excruciating pain. No ring of fire. Just a I am and here it is. And as this new/original version of myself shows up, it feels so right, natural and effortless. And now, I get to be the Mary Poppins/Fairy Godmother I always knew myself to be!

Lauri Lumby
"midwife to your soul"

LiveLoveShine 13th June 2013 2:01 am

Amen! I feel you sister! :thumbs:


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