Energy Report for May 2010

We ended April with the intense energies of a Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th, enabling us to unearth the secret keys that will set us free from past restrictions, limitations and boundaries. This Full Moon created a gateway to mystery and transformation through which change becomes possible. You may feel both challenged and energised by these intense energies. You are urged to take special care and utilise the energy to become more productive and more consciously involved in your life. We are dealing with powerful transformative forces that will have a far-reaching impact on both our personal and collective consciousness.

The energies of Universal love are unfolding within in our world encouraging us to express ourselves, to be authentic, honest and in integrity. These energies can become demanding when we are unable to express our true essence. This can be an intensely emotional energy that requires you to maintain balance in order to influence your life and the lives of others in positive and meaningful ways. The energies must be used in constructively. Check your foundations and your progress thus far. Listen to your inner voice. Become aware of new insights and visions being formed within. Examine and investigate what is brought to your attention. Discern what action is required, if any, for further movement. Observe your actions to gain a deeper understanding of where you are in your process so that you may maintain harmony and peace.

During May we will be released from our dependence on the illusions created through our perceived pleasures. We have existed under the illusion of material security and it is time now to make necessary the adjustments that will bring us into alignment with the laws of Nature. Challenges and tensions will make us confront the consequences of our excess and our wrong use of resources. This will lead to deeper insights and the creative use of resources, pushing us towards something better and more aligned with the natural rhythm and flow of our Earth.

The energies required for deep healing are now available and the forces of power that are moving through the world will release old programming, awakening you to Divine love and enabling you to connect with the truth of your Soul. We are all being seriously challenged to reflect on our beliefs and attitudes, that which direct our lives. The state of your consciousness and awareness determines how you create your life. You are required to be responsible, to do the inner work and healing essential to change those attitudes and beliefs that are not aligned with your truth.

Resistance and conflict at this time may be particularly challenging but it will create in us an awareness of the unconscious and conscious limits that restrain our forward movement and the expression of our true essence. As we flow with the evolutionary energies of this time the feelings of fear, anger, disbelief and doubt surface to be washed away. If you resist and deny the flow of energies you will experience pain and suffering resulting in forced change, which is the most painful and can result in the manifestation of emotional or physical trauma.

Releasing that which we no longer require makes one feel lighter and ready to move forward onto better things. A period of purification always precedes our evolutionary steps. It can be uncomfortable but support is available and as you align with the energies your potential and creativity can be unleashed in ways previously unimagined. Profound shifts in consciousness and awakenings will occur healing your restrictions as well as bringing many opportunities for expansion, growth and awakening.

We live in exciting and transformative times and we must face these powerful changes with courage and a strong Spirit. These changes will force many to the realisation that healing and awakening the heart are the only way forward. Compassion, understanding and the development of intuition will enable us to surrender to the flow of evolution, enabling us to find our resolve and clarify our purpose.


Mys. Terious 6th May 2010 5:27 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Mish4 7th May 2010 7:35 am

Thanks for sharing this lovely info...going through this transitional change into the new is so amazing to me...loving every minute of it!!! Keep the faith...

Anne333 10th May 2010 4:24 pm

I just read this message today and I'm so glad I did; it perfectly speaks to what I'm experiencing! Lots of introspection, choices about what is working and what needs to go, and a strong desire to be in harmony with the earth and the future. Thank you. :)


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