Energy Report for November 2015

This year has, as promised, been a year of rapid processing, clearing, transformation and change.  We have definitely been called to shift our consciousness and align with our hearts in order to create a world based on the principles of unity consciousness. Throughout this year we have experienced rapid shifts and changes as energetic blocks were revealed and released. This allowed for much of our old emotional patterns and mental structures to be broken down. We have endured, faced, transformed and transmuted so much and if we had thought this year would be a tad easier we were sorely mistaken!

It’s important to remember that you have come to earth at this time to refine and attune to the principles of heart-centered truth. The call of a spiritual rebirth was heard long before you incarnated and your mission is to reflect the divinity you hold within and become a living bridge between heaven and earth. Your purpose is to understand and realize the love and wisdom of your heart and to allow this wisdom to guide you in your actions and your choices. It is the power of your heart that will create a ripple of change within the entire fabric of humanity.

This year has seen the completion of a great cycle of growth, learning and spiritual development. You are producing evolutionary changes through each new choice you make, with each new action you take and through the thoughts and feelings you feel, transform and transmute. In no way has this been an easy task or an easy year. You have been pushed, prodded, poked and taken to the brink of sanity and over the edge. All of this has been instigated by the prevailing energies of the SIX supermoons endured throughout this year.  

An Energy Recap - Supermoons of 2015

A Supermoon is a New Moon or a Full Moon that is at its closet point to the Earth. It looks bigger and much brighter than an average New or Full moon.  Energetically, because the moon is so much closer to the earth, its impact and power are felt more dramatically. The increase in intense energy is a wonderful, or more likely forceful opportunity to bring about permanent and remarkable shifts and changes in your inner and outer worlds.  

Each Supermoon of this year accelerated your growth and each and every experience you had this year. The first three Supermoons fell during the New Moon phase of January, February and March. The energy of death and rebirth have been part of our collective structures for a few years now and the flow won’t stop just yet. These Super New Moons urged you to begin the process of birthing the new while letting the old die. Changes and transformations within the collective consciousness concerning your individual purpose and what gifts you bring to the creation of the New Earth were highlighted.  

The cosmic energies during these New Moon phases challenged you to choose your path, to release what no longer serves and dared you to step up and take initiative in following your purpose in a new way. An awareness of new potential awakened was awakened within you encouraging a time of conscious evolution and change. With this deeper awareness you were urged to envision a new vision for your life with new ideas, new understandings and a new foundation. What was awakened during that time will begin its birthing process this month in November.  

The final three Supermoons of 2015 fell during the Full Moons of August, September and October. The energies of these Super Full Moons, the eclipse and the Equinox energy of this time wielded an extra strong force to create big shifts within your consciousness as well as within the world at large.  

The first Super Full Moon in August brought an influx of spiritual energies and triggered your emotions and intuition. The fluid energies of this moon connected you to the unseen aspects of your inner world and connected you with the deeper parts of your heart and soul. It called you to feel beneath the surface of your daily experiences and communicate with your inner world. For some this brought a disruptive energy to life as hidden aspects of the self, emotions and feelings were brought into awareness. The strength of these powerful energies furthered your spiritual transformation and expanded your faith.  This established the urge for a more profound spiritual understanding of life and strengthened your connection to the spiritual energies that guide your life.

September’s Super Full Moon was a total Lunar Eclipse and also the final Blood Moon in a cycle of four.  Its energy streamed forth connecting you more powerfully to the movement of the universe and the sense of a greater change being wrought.  The intense energy pressed you to let go of old behavior patterns, which created reactions of anger, aggression and frustration.  This enables you to discover and learn new ways of balance, equality, cooperation and diplomacy.  The transformation of these patterns introduced rapid changes and allowed for the creation of new events, circumstances and life experiences.  The aim of which is to bring a greater balance between the feminine and masculine energies of our world.    

The final Super Full Moon in October brought an opportunity for you to acknowledge the importance of aligning your heart and soul with your mind and body. This Full moon may have felt a little like a wake up call as you were pushed to see and experience all that was out of alignment. The healing flow of the Full Moon’s energy purified old limitations that have kept you tied to out dated ideas and expressions of who you are and what you do. What you value and what you love was highlighted to remind you that your freedom, liberation and joy lie in your ability to live a truly authentic life. A life that is true to your soul purpose and to the power of your heart. Clarity comes as you unburden yourself from the past and realign with your heart and soul. This will enable you to begin redirecting your life and making the necessary adjustments required to live an authentic life.

The last few years you have released so much of what no longer serves you or the new reality you are creating.  This period of Super Moon energy marked a change in the world and reflected may of your unacknowledged emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams and values, all that forms your foundation. Delving into your issues around self worth and respect exposed you to the power of the Divine and the need to awaken to a life of joy, laughter, creativity, responsibility and respect, and to integrate these aspects within your changing world. You have been called to review and revise how you build your new foundations using the qualities of kindness, integrity, strength, honor, truth, courage, respect, love and compassion. You have been challenged to change your ways, to speak your truth and to trust in the every unfolding process of evolution all while holding onto your faith through the many daily challenges and difficulties.  It’s been intense.

November Energies

You have been pushed to reach higher levels of awareness and to access a space where all potential and possibility exists.  You have embarked on a new and every changing landscape where transformation and renewal, death and rebirth are intertwined and every present. November brings a turning point and a time where the process of rebirth begins. You will begin to see your inner transformations and changes becoming more apparent within your reality.  

The changes in your reality will be directed by the conscious actions you take. You may be called to recognize that your choices and your actions have a ripple effect on the collective growth of all humanity.  As such you will be asked to acknowledge your part in the total evolution of humanity at this time. Are your current choices and actions moving your towards an advanced state of heart centered consciousness, or are they ripples of the past that still need to be reformed or released before you can experience yourself at an expanded heart level?

As you continue to integrate the inner changes experienced over the last few months you will be offered a glimpse into the potential you hold to reimagine and recreate your life anew. Releasing any remaining resistance and fear will enable you to descend into the depths of your inner world to access the unknown resources of your heart and the wisdom and guidance of your soul. Your heart will open and its power will move to encircle you bringing waves of Divine energy to restore and rejuvenate your being. Flow and movement will re emerge in your life re-establishing hope, faith and the belief in miracles once again.

Being guided and directed by your heart renews and reinforces your body, mind and soul with the indestructible power of Divine love. Each day consciously invite this love to radiate directly into your life. Envelope yourself with infinite love and compassion, acknowledge all that you have accomplished and all that you have been given. Align your motivations with the purity of love and truth, which will empower you to speak from your heart, to act with conviction and to walk in reverence as you begin each new day.


Peter fox 13th November 2015 10:32 am

Great summary of where we've been and now where we're heading- a new beginning! Thanks,Kate.

keryndawer 13th November 2015 2:28 pm

Yes, I'll second Peter...nice to have a perspective from above and beyond. We have all come so far, been through so much. Congratulations to Us All :)

Lovely, insightful and inspiring as always Kate.

Thank You and Bless You:smitten:

Keryn xo


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