Energy Report - June / July 2017

We are living in the most interesting of times. This shift in consciousness is bringing to the fore ALL that we, as individuals and as a collective, need to change and transform. It is definitely not what many expected as the incoming cosmic energies get stronger and stronger and our soul’s impulse to evolve intensifies. In the past six months, a dramatic increase in the intensity of the energy sweeping the planet initiated a radical leap in our human consciousness. We have been awoken from our own self-created illusions and quite literally it’s a shift show!

The Solstice on June the 21st brought to fruition whatever has presented itself to you over the past six months. With a definite increase in the energy frequency since December, the pace shows no sign of slowing down. The chaos occurring on a global scale is part of this evolutionary shift in consciousness. The disruption of the world and the unity consciousness you are evolving to is part and parcel of this time. As one dissolves the other develops.

If we are to establish a new way of being and a new reality the old structures and programs, which uphold the old world, need to be dismantled. As a result, a deep purification is occurring and all aspects of reality are being purged. Simultaneously a new energetic blueprint is being activated, which contains new structures and new systems that you must birth into the world. Real and practical changes, which anchor and support the new emerging consciousness, must now be made.

The chaos and the drama of the world is only part of what is coming up for healing and release. You are being propelled forward by the evolutionary flow of life, which is dissolving the fragmented aspects of this world and your personal perception of reality. Everything you are currently experiencing is assisting in liberating your individual, auric and authentic self. Old patterns and programs, which no longer serve you or the collective, are being triggered and unraveled. The attachments and distractions, which seduced you away form your innate divinity, your authenticity, are being exposed.

As this process unfolds you will come to realize that you cannot build on what is dissolving. The instability of this time is teaching you how to stabilize and ground yourself while navigating the sudden shifts and changes in reality. By securing yourself in your heart center you are able to tune and trust in the guidance of your soul. You are then able to observe the drama of the world with detached compassion, which supports you in mastering your fears, healing old painful emotions, clearing karmic debris and see the blessings held in each life situation.

Your heart is imbued with an energy, which magnifies and magnetizes your energy field. When you allow this energy to blend together with your mind you create space for an authentic response to the world. You begin to think with your heart making the unconscious conscious, which allows for a greater sense of wholeness and oneness to emerge. Your consciousness reforms and you are shifted into expanded states of unity, compassion, love and acceptance. Securing yourself in this energy will propel you forward and ensures that you are physically, emotionally and mentally ready for the manifestation of your greatest self.

Remember that you are currently being attuned to receive massive amounts of cosmic energy. As you come to master these vast multidimensional energies you will discover a new perspective and a new vision for your life. You will come to see and understand more of your divine purpose and how you are being called to assist in creating the new earth and a new reality. The wisdom of your heart and the truth of your soul will emerge enabling the full expression of your authentic self.

You may find old emotional and mental patterns and programs emerging to be healed and cleared. Allow them to surface and dissolve. Be receptive and deliberate in this process. Do not go into the drama of the emotion or feeling. Listen for the messages from these trapped emotions, patterns and programs. Focus on freeing yourself from anything, which keeps you in a state of survival. Detach from the chaos of the world; remove all obstacles to expanded consciousness. Reflect on the unlimited possibilities that are available to you now, reestablish your trust in the flow of life and you will hear your true, intuitive voice.


Cheri 27th June 2017 1:47 pm

Thank you Kate. It has been hard to discern what is ours energetically to heal this lifetime versus what is cellular memory from our long line of biological and soul family experiences throughout time. If we can detach and depersonalize what is happening around us it can help us observe it knowing it is just a deep reflection of our collective history needing to be acknowledged and the wisdom understood rather than acted upon. Energy is alive and it communicates. It is the nature of energy to be free and flow. Whether it is ours or not it will naturally gravitate to us as all things are attracted to the light. Energy has no agenda and dark energy is just stuck and unable to move and flow naturally and freely. It is innate to return to the natural state of grace and purity. Therefore, we have to just stand in the light of our divinity and let all flow through us. We came here to be the receptacles for the cosmic energy that is bathing the planet. We are all soul experienced, well equipped and very capable of being energy transmutationalists hahaha!! With love to you all!

Heartfelt courage 28th June 2017 11:48 pm

This past Saturday I thought I was losing my dog, as he hasn't been well. I tried to say if you need to be with my husband who passed 10 years ago then it is okay, but I caught myself. I need you to be here with me, please don't leave me yet. His labs on Monday were normal and he is recovering again!

Love of life to all!

Cheri 29th June 2017 2:10 pm

That is amazing!! I am sure you spoke from your heart to his/hers and there is no greater communication than your truth to state your love hoping he would renew, heal and stay with you and he evidently heard you. That is a beautiful thing :)


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