Entering into the Heart - Full Moon February 2007

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo offers us the opportunity of rapid and radical transformation heralding a time of drastic change and growth.   The Aquarius/Leo mix furthers our Human evolution and allows us to step more fully into our true power, the power of our Heart.  This full Moon affords us the opportunity to radically transform ourselves and our world and to separate and release the aspects of our behavior that no longer serve us, freeing us to become more truly who we are.

 The Solar Eclipse in September 2006 brought about a healing and change in our Solar Plexus, the seat of our personal power and allowed for the transformation of our Inner Masculine energy.  This transformation created a greater awareness of the emotional body and opened an energy portal for us to enter into a new level of Spiritual awareness. 

 The energy is moving directly through our Solar Plexus and bursting into our Hearts bringing with it the healed aspects of our Inner Feminine, Inner Child and Inner Masculine.  The Heart is expanding to allow for the energies of the Feminine, Masculine, Inner Child and Divine Child to merge together in a Sacred Union.  These energies uniting within the Heart create the transformational circle of power and change.  It is the circle through which our higher purpose can enter into our physical world.

 With these changes we enter into a time of separating paths, the old ways are being discarded and we actively begin following the path of our Heart.  No more thinking, talking or planning it is now time for us to step into our Heart power and to do the work necessary to heal our world.  Now is the time to surrender our perceived limitations and allow ourselves to begin actively following our path.

 Proper and knowledgeable action is required for us to survive as a Human Race.  In becoming aware of our mortality as a species and the short span of time we have available on this planet we can act accordingly.  There is no excuse for ignorance!  We live in a world where knowledge and wisdom are readily available if we only begin seeking it. 

 For those whose journey has been long you, have accomplished much and you have discovered a new sense of self that you have fought hard to realise.  With this new sense it is your responsibility to share your wisdom and learnings and encourage others to begin their journey.

 We have wasted enough time on the petty emotional dramas of life and have therefore allowed for the atrocities in this world to occur.  We are all responsible for our destructive ways and we are being given an opportunity to enter into our Hearts and to access the compassion that is there.  There is a bigger picture and the more we allow ourselves to become entangled in the dramas and close off our Hearts the more we disregard and ignore what that picture holds. 

 In closing our Hearts we do not honor the gifts that are sent to us from the Great Spirit and we create the indiscriminate destruction of all life.  We block ourselves from receiving and giving the abundance that is our birth right.  We forget to honor the ways of others and fall into patterns of judgment and separation.  We loose respect for ourselves and for all life.  And we forget that we are the answer to the prayers of the world.  The time is now and the power is you.

 The energy coming through at this time is moving through our cells encouraging enlightenment and the experience of the incredible energy of fully activated energetic body.  When all the separate elements within are activated and merged together we can allow for our highest purpose to enter into our physical world.  With this Union of energies we become conscious channels for Divine expression.

 This energy has the ability to burn through any blockages within and to accelerate our Spiritual development and our path.  People, things and life lessons that no longer serve us will radically drop away clearing the path for our higher purpose to come.  This is not an easy process but in surrendering our ego attachments we will benefit through this cleansing and discover the excitement of Spirit unfolding.  Flowing with these changes in relationships, jobs, living environments and personal abilities will bring about incredible growth and movement in your life.    

 There may well be physical symptoms of this cleansing: dizziness, tingling sensations and headaches are a direct effect of the cleansing of our energetic systems.  Water is the key to working effectively with this energy shift.

 Our true path is one of service to the Great Spirit and the Mother Earth.  With the creation of Union within our Hearts we allow for our unique talents and abilities to be expressed so that we may actively contribute to the healing of our world. 

 Accepting and acknowledging that we each bring unique abilities that enable us to contribute to our world, enables us to perceive our personal power and our path more fully.  We are born into this world with a wealth of talent and ability that is to be used in the path of service.  We have a contribution to make for the betterment of our world and when we share these with an open Heart we are fulfilling the role that we chose for ourselves.  Discovering your gifts and sharing with others will bring the light back to our world.

Where there is darkness, bring light.

Where there is pain, bring healing.

Where there is conflict, bring harmony.

 Moving towards our own light and wisdom allows for the answers that we are seeking to emerge.  Clarity will come as we yield to the present moment in truth and love. 

The Union of all aspects of ourselves and with the Divine is a significant gift, the gift of true freedom where we are no longer held back by the beliefs and attitudes of our past.



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