Equinox: Birth, Death & Rebirth

Saturday 21st September: Equinox Gateway

This weekend we have the opening of a powerful Equinox gateway. The Equinox is a time of stillness and offers us the opportunity to connect with the eternal space of unity and balance that exists within us. It helps us to embrace the balance of our feminine and masculine energies, the balance of our soul and human self, the balance of heart and mind and the balance of spirit and matter. It is where we feel the merging of light and dark energies to the point where they become one.

On the Equinox everything is brought into balance. This is a space of transition, a space between the in breath and the out breath. A moment where the worlds opens and you are able to gain a glimpse of what is truly possible. Over the coming days connect to the energy of the Equinox. Make time for stillness and silence and allow yourself to experience the healing power of this Equinox energy. Spend time in nature and reconnect to the rhythms of the natural world. Listen to the wind in the trees or the waves of the ocean. Watch the sunrise or the sunset and connect with the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Allow a new rhythm of balance and harmony to effortlessly flow into your life. Know that the fulfilment of your destiny is assured.

Monday 23rd September: Birth, Death & Rebirth

Today's Equinox energy will greatly impact the electromagnetic field of the Earth creating a re-orientation of the core energy of the planet. At this powerful juncture a deepening awareness of the evolving energies is emerging attuning us to nature in a much deeper way. The build up to this time has been particularly difficult and chaotic as old energetic patterns have been dissolved creating space for today's Equinox energies.

In this space you are being pulled into the vast mystery of your soul where all lifetimes, all timelines and all realities are condensed into one strong, clear and steady path. As the Equinox energy increases a distinct shift will occur calling you to travel deeply inward and into the chambers of birth, death and rebirth. It is in these chambers that your deepest truth is revealed and your consciousness infused with new purpose, new perceptions and new insights.



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