Eternal & Limitless Power of Our Soul

We have all experienced the rebirth of our soul in each human incarnation. Over and over again we have released one human form and have been reborn into another all in the name of healing, growth and soul evolution. But in this lifetime, we have chosen a different kind of rebirth, one that enables us to be reborn without the need to release our current physical from. From a soul perspective this is the greatest and most exciting evolutionary process we have ever experienced.  It is a process that is creating and consistently deepening a conscious connection with our soul. As a result, we are coming to know, understand and experience the nature of our eternal and limitless power.

Energetically this is an intense time as you are being primed and prepared for the profound realignment and rebirth that will occur with the Solstice. Emotions and energy levels will fluctuate from moment to moment as new awakenings and rapid inner changes continue. Avoid falling into old patterns of fear and uncertainty. Learn to accept the inner power and courage you have to overcome any lingering fear and attain unity with your soul. Recognise that you are on the verge of a whole new cycle of conscious awareness and must now ready yourself for a new experience of life.


Mr.Quasar 16th December 2021 1:22 pm

I can't wait for the Solstice to arrive!


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