Final Full Moon of the Decade & Daily Inspiration Roundup

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 9th December 2019.

Monday 9th December: Embrace the Opportunity

For much of this year we have been presented with a more powerful and intense energy which is serving each of us with what we need to awaken, heal and grow. Instead of trying to avoid the opportunities for growth we are being called to do embrace all these chances to grow. As a result a deeper understanding of the need for self mastery, humanity and service are being instilled in us which will enable us to respond to life from the wisdom of our soul and the strength of our spirit.

You are being encouraged to make extensive changes within yourself and your world. You are being asked to look at your life structures, your sense of responsibility, your integrity and your accountability. As real shifts occur unresolved situations and issues will come up for resolution. Do not avoid these opportunities for growth do the opposite and welcome them. As you do so you will begin to feel a sense of wonder and hope for the future.

Tuesday 10th December: Follow Your Destiny

This is an important month as we are preparing ourselves for what lies ahead in 2020. Currently we are penetrating the centre of life through the realm of our soul so that we may perceive the contrasting aspects of ourselves and integrate those aspects into the wholeness of our being. As a result, our feelings and perceptions of people, situations and experiences is shifting changing our experience of reality and enabling us to create a life far greater than we could have previously envisioned.

To live by fate alone is to be controlled by circumstances beyond your control, to follow your destiny is to honour your soul and recognise that you have a clear and Divine purpose on this Earth. The current evolutionary shifts are bringing new understandings and profound realisations about your role in the world. With the demise of all illusions you are able to explore a deeper connection with your innate wisdom and intuition. By learning to truly listen and trust your intuition you will gain valuable knowledge and guidance that will lead you to that which is necessary for the unfoldment of your new reality.

Wednesday 11th December: Conscious Choice

Current energies and events are pressing all of humanity towards a new awareness. An awareness that reclaims truth. Actions during this time must be done with care and an awareness of how they will affect not only the self, but all of life. As we release and eradicate the unnecessary aspects of both our personal and collective consciousness, we will emerge into a climate of consciousness in which we can intentionally create a world that benefits all living things.

For many much of this year has been a struggle and a challenge in the face of so many seemingly overwhelming experiences. It may help to understand that you are moving through a period of transition and as such you are in a process of deep inner purification. Your experiences are forcing you to deeply and radically change. In the process of change you are being offered the opportunity to take giant leaps in consciousness. For those who don't get it, it may well seem that the world is ending. For others it is the beginning of a new way of being. It is essential that you consciously choose the side from which you wish to view the shifts and changes.

Thursday 12th December: Final Full Moon of the Decade

Not only is today the final Full Moon of this decade it is also the opening of the 12:12:12 galactic gateway. This is a cosmic alignment which connects us with the energies of the Great Central Sun and prepares us for the upcoming Solstice on the 21st. During this time we have access to greater levels of consciousness which gift us with rapid awakenings, healings and transformation. It is a powerful opportunity for completion and wholeness as a greater cycle comes to an end.

Use this energy to connect with your soul's truth in a way that will bring healing, release and closure. Shift your perspective and view your life through a much broader lens. Explore beyond that which you have always known and open yourself to the mysteries of what you have been reluctant to see. Break free from anything that remains in your way. Trust your self and take the first step on the journey that your soul has already prepared for you. Let destiny take its course and come out of the shadows and into the light.


Meg 12th December 2019 2:31 pm



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