Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from this week related to today's Eclipse.

Monday 15th July: Everything Is Changing, Everything Is New

This week we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which brings to a climax the current energy to create an enormous shift. Eclipses super charge the incoming energies bringing to light that which is in need of healing, change and transformation. This second eclipse will significantly amplify the intensity of the current energies encouraging us to gracefully discard the past.

Everything is changing and everything is new. Powerful, unexpected events are at work which urge you to look deeply at yourself, your life, your relationships and your world. This is just the beginning of a new journey which is vital for the evolutionary growth of your soul. Align yourself with the events that are occurring and move into right action. Explore your intuition and your interests. Go where they lead you. Discover who you are now, your thoughts and your feelings within this new reality. Move with the incoming energies and weave together your new life. Trusting in yourself and the changes you need to make will bring many beautiful new experiences and opportunities.

Tuesday 16th July: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Today’s Lunar Eclipse is amplifying the Full Moon energies and offering us a significant jump in our evolutionary process. This is a turning point and as a result everything is being intensified initiating a deeper level of release and closure. The light is uncovering the hidden treasures in this time enabling us to see the beauty in all things, all situations and all experiences.

The very foundation of your life is shifting moving your towards expanded horizons. The chaos and uncertainty is triggering old fears and emotionally charged situations. Remain open to the possibilities of what is being awoken, healed and released. Accept the present situation as an opportunity to gain new vision and greater perspective and see how your life is being filled with vibrant new potential. Remain centred and allow this time to connect you with your destiny.

Much love




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