Full Moon Transformation

The Full Moon in May occurs in the astrological sign of Scorpio, with the Sun in Taurus. The union of Scorpio and Taurus energies brings a profound transformation that will facilitate the death of our old lives and the birth of our new. As a result, a variety of energetic shifts will occur, both internally and externally, enabling us to shift our inner beliefs, attitudes and ways of living and being.

With the energy of this Full Moon you are being pushed, prodded and challenged to move beyond your past history and to engage with your soul so that you may gain a deeper understanding of the real purpose behind your life. This is a time of profound awareness and insight. Use it to set your priorities straight and to consider every obstacle as an opportunity for awakening, healing and growth. Fully address the crises in your life and in this world from this perspective and you will discover the deeper meaning behind your existence. Intentionally align with the incoming energy and allow yourself to be reborn into a new consciousness.

Much love





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