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We are being gifted with a period of powerful energy shifts and changes indicated by the 3 eclipses occurring within the next 7 weeks. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th July will indicate the opening of this Gateway; the Solar Eclipse on the 22nd July will indicate the midpoint and the Lunar Eclipse on the 6th August will be the closing of the Gateway. As this gateway opens we are invited to take flight into the stars, to journey into the vast terrain of our Soul and to move beyond the limitations of fear and separation birthing an awareness of our unique existence and discovering the journey ‘home' to our Soul.

A new level of growth and development is emerging, encouraging us to acknowledge our individuality, to engage with our Soul and to live life through our intuitive self. It is important to distinguish our personal journey and thus discover the keeper of our deepest truth and wisdom, that which enables us to fly directly into the ecstasy of self-realisation and expanded consciousness.

Our powerful individuality is a privilege and the special gifts and qualities that we possess enable us to reveal the uniqueness of ourselves. Our Soul is following a sacred path that will lead us towards our ultimate goal - that of deep personal transformation and healing. As we journey into these unknown territories we shall be guided to discover the secret places of ourselves to resolve our fears, to restore our wisdom and to reshape and recreate the weave of our life. We are to respond to the call for change, to be receptive to what is occurring and to take action when the opportunities we have been waiting for arise.

Pure consciousness surrounds us and a ceaseless flow of energy is moving within the centre of our hearts indicating that nothing within us will remain the same. The Divine spark of love and light is being ignited within us, birthing the potential for us to refine and attune to the principles of heart centered truth. We are being called to free our hidden divinity locked within our mortal being and to serve as the bridge uniting Heaven and Earth. As we open to the energy of this time the virtues of Divine love and compassion are resurrected within us, birthing an awareness of our sacred origins and the understanding that we come from the Stars to embody Divine love within a physical form.

During this period the Sun shall blaze forth burning out negativity and purifying our energy systems. The energy of the Moon will counteract the effects of an over abundance of fire energies from the Sun thereby strengthening our intuitive nature and encouraging us to be receptive to the energy, while at the same time enabling us to vibrate in harmony.

The energy of the Moon, representing the waters of life, shall cleanse our Souls; the fire of the Sun, representing the Spirit, shall transform our energy, and as these elements unite in an eclipse, our path shall be illuminated, our faith rekindled and within us an awareness of our Creator's awesome power shall be awoken.

In this process the energy of both the Spiritual and the physical worlds will fuse creating a deep movement that will clear all the debris from our lives enabling us to discover the path of humility and moving us beyond division and into alignment with our ancient eternal self, creating a major awakening of Spiritual love, unity and balance within our consciousness.

During our Earth walk we have learnt much about the beginnings and endings found within the spiral of life and the choices we have made throughout our existence have formed the basis of our physical experience. All this information is stored within our DNA and the energy of this time will give us access to our ancient codings of wisdom, instinct and intuition, stored within our cellular memories. By delving into this ancient knowledge that we carry deep within us, we will gain a deeper understanding of our paths and ourselves. The memories will allow us to move forward and to integrate the lessons we have learnt. We shall discover new ways of relating and will learn to avoid making the mistakes of our past.

It is time for all the people of this Earth to come together in harmony and balance and to move forward as one. This period heralds a time when we are able to take steps upon anew path and in recognising that this new path is a new beginning we are able to release the old and to allow for a new direction to be firmly established. With the understanding of our ancient ways we can build a new life together, we can move into a brighter future, one where we honour the Earth, all living creatures and each other.

This is a deeply sensitive time and we are reminded to persevere along our journey so that we may accomplish deep Soul work and attune to the subtle mysteries of our Star self. As we follow diligently the way of our hearts, using our intuition and knowledge to maintain a clear head, the solutions to our challenges will arise. Our Soul will blend naturally with our true wisdom and our sacred path will incorporate beauty, healing and compassion.


new_birth77 8th July 2009 12:51 pm

Tremendous!!! Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Thank you for this message....I totally feel everything you's been happening...and it IS happening. Grace and peace to you!


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