Internal Authority

There is a profound purging and clearing occurring which is initiating many life change events and transformations. Layers and layers of energetic patterning is being released and healed preparing us for a totally new cycle that is pregnant with the possibilities of a whole new life. This new life begins to unfold when we learn to be fully conscious and fully present within our human physical form.

Currently, you are reclaiming and integrating your soul essence within your human form which will align you with a new energy matrix for your life. This new energy matrix is vastly different to what you have been accustomed to in the past. It is a matrix of light energy that will facilitate you consciously experiencing oneness while in human form. You have a responsibility to heal, transform and evolve; to recognise that everything you do, feel and think affects everything and everyone else. Events are pushing you to resolve deep and critical matters. Do not waste this opportunity. Your soul is gifting you with the ability to create a new life based on the internal authority of who you truly are.

Much love



Bonnie Waters 14th April 2020 1:17 pm

Thank you for your messages, Kate. They are always helpful confirmation. Big love <3 Bonnie


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