Internal Compass

Never before has an evolutionary process required so much from us. The ceaseless flow of cosmic energies is pushing us forwards at a rapid pace. Enormous shifts both within the Earth and in humanity have been initiated with the wave of new energy which arrived with the Eclipse this week. The landscape of our deepest truth is being exposed to reveal new levels of creativity and spiritual insight. As a result, we are birthing new purpose, new perceptions and new understandings.

You are being pulled into the vast mystery of your soul where new possibilities and new potentials lie. Remember that all things have a beginning, a middle and an end. This is the nature of life. Clinging to the old will only bring suffering and decay. You know that it is time to move on. Do not be afraid. Do not be sad. Find your internal compass and learn to follow the path your soul has designed for you.

The incoming energies are supporting the creation of a new reality, a reality that honours difference, accepts individuality, embraces creativity and allows balance. As a result, we are being motivated to fully awaken a unified way of being.

The alignment of your heart and soul is key to stabilizing your current experience. Aligning your heart and soul gifts you with the ability to create a new life based on the internal authority of who you truly are. A new sense of balance ensues, and you are better able to align with the energetic structures of the New Earth. In these times it is essential that you show up and be present in your life. As a result all that you need to know will be revealed.


Meg 28th January 2019 3:10 pm

thanks for sharing Kate.


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