Keep The Faith & New Year Eclipse

Thursday 9th January: Keep The Faith

This is an intense time as we move closer to this weeks eclipse and Saturn/Pluto conjunction. These two cosmic events are activating a portal of accelerated energy which is helping to shift and move the energy in our lives. Our truth is being illuminated, our path is being cleared and the energetic baggage we are carrying is being released.

Everything you are feeling is being amplified and heightened. As a result, you may be feeling overly emotional and reactionary. Please remember that all you are facing, all the challenges and obstacles you are overcoming, are pushing you forward and helping you to totally transform your life. You are on the cusp of profound change. Keep the faith and see beyond any turmoil you may be facing. Keep your heart open, tune out the noise, connect with your soul and know that you are one step closer to your destiny.

Friday 10th January: New Year Eclipse

The new year really only begins today with this first Full Moon Eclipse of 2020. This Full Moon holds a profound intensity as the incoming energies surge to trigger a deep and lasting transformation. Here we come to a point of completion as the ancient patterns and programmings of the past fall away to reveal the wisdom and guidance we need for the future.

The Full Moon Eclipse offers you the opportunity of starting the new year with a clean slate as past conflicts, traumas and challenges are resolved. Whatever is arising now is working to align you with your soul's highest destiny. As a result, every experience you are having is serving a greater purpose. Every heightened emotion, every impulse and every action is bringing much needed closure. Embrace all that is coming up at this time. Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself and all others. Remember that everything that is occurring now is supporting the unfoldment of your greatest destiny.



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