Mercury Moves Direct

The world is under extreme pressure to change and transform which is manifesting through the many challenges we currently face. As a result, the structure of the world is collapsing placing us at a point of dramatic change. Emotions are being heightened as the stress of this time begins to take its toll. The explosive and intense energies are only alleviated if we are willing to utilise this time to heal and transform ourselves.

With Mercury turning direct you may feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. As planetary energy swings you are being empowered to release yourself from all that scatters your energy and focus. It is more important than ever that you do not fearfully cling to the old. Continue to focus your awareness inward and draw your energy back. Connect with your intuition and align with your soul’s wisdom and knowing as your soul knows every step that you must take.

Much love




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Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings and knowledge for the healing and ascension of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. All written information, messages and articles are my own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.


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