Mystical Essense & Luminous Realms Of The Soul

Mystical Essense

Your identity is shifting more and more to the soul self as this is the essence that must now guide you forward. As a result, a deep purification process is underway releasing you from chains of old wounds and past experiences. Feelings of fear and anxiety are being triggered as long suppressed emotions, neglected grief, pain and suffering rise to the surface to be cleared. Honour these feelings as their release brings profound relief to your soul. You will find with this release a new awareness, a new sense of purpose and a new direction.

Be present in the process. Still your mind and allow yourself to move into the mystical fields of limitless possibility. Allow your heart to reveal your infinite potential as a unique, magnificent and creative expression of the Divine. Find this truth in your heart and feed its light. You cannot live in the past. Now it is time to move on.

Luminous Realms Of The Soul

The potent energy of this month is intensified by the current eclipse corridor we are moving through. As we move closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this coming weekend, we are urged to create a deeper and firmer union between our heart, body, mind and spirit. This will support a greater connection with the subtle luminous realms of our soul.

Currently any remaining blockages and barriers to your soul essence are being dissolved. This is supporting the expanding clarity, wisdom and guidance of your soul. Emotions are heighted as you come to find that you can no longer live your life as you once did. Sudden inspirations and insights will occur as you all the inner promptings of your soul to guide you. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing and why. Trust the flow and what you are being called to do.

Much love



COBALT 15th January 2019 5:41 pm

I appreciate what I have just read. I know these words to be true. :smitten:

Toni 15th January 2019 7:50 pm

Came to the same conclusion recently...the past is a was that no longer is.
Who I love to be is a “unique, magnificent and creative expression of the Divine” Kate
Freedom is the Key.
Passion is the Lock.
Love is the Magic.


Meg 17th January 2019 4:35 pm

Appreciate :smitten:

Sebastian9 17th January 2019 6:19 pm

I'm finally speaking up for my self and I will NO longer tolerate any ignorance or manipulation on me

Love & Blessings


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