New Moon

We are gearing up as we move towards this month’s New Moon on the 11th. The energy of this New Moon offers a time of opening where we are guided towards something new. A transformed vision of the future is forming, and our powers of manifestation are being amplified shifting us out of any feelings of stagnation and inertia. As a result, the next few months will be a time to make new decisions, to take new directions and to let old fears, worries and concerns sink into the past.  

The tides are changing, and you are being liberated from the limiting thoughts, old patterns and structures that have kept you from expressing your soul in the world. You may feel an urgent need to take action and to get things moving as the underlying focus of your life shifts from fear and limitation to freedom and expansion. As the incoming energies accelerate and the internal barriers fall it can be tempting to rush ahead. Make sure that you are not being impulsive or reactive as the underlying imbalances in your life are still being revealed. Be mindful as considered and careful movement forward is best. 


VAARRR 10th April 2021 5:07 am

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