No Time Like the Present

Humanity currently exists within a healing crisis. A crisis which is highlighting irresponsible and unsustainable ways of living and being that we have continued to practice. The unpredictable intensity of chaos, confusion and disruption is urging us to fully address how we approach life. It is time to think differently, act differently and thus find a new normal. A normal where balance is restored and a deeper connection with nature is essential. There is no time like the present to start.

Open your eyes and see the power and potential that is held in this time. Journey into the spaces and places within yourself that you have previously been reluctant to explore. Heal the fear that stops you moving out of the shadows and into the light. Learn to trust your intuition as it will bring you the clarity and wisdom you need to expand your perspective. Rely on yourself only and use common sense when determining the best course of action for you now.

Much love




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Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings and knowledge for the healing and ascension of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. All written information, messages and articles are my own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.


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