Remain Stable & Steady

As we move towards the weekend and the 12:12 portal the incoming energies are initiating deeper shifts and bringing greater healing. As a result, our rebirthing process is being amplified increasing the rate of our contraction and expansion. With each contraction old energy is pushed to the surface for release. With the release comes the expansion and a moment where we can catch our breath and ready ourselves for the next wave. 

Be mindful that this is a turning point in your journey where the incoming energies are rearranging and reordering the structure of both your internal and external worlds. As such you may feel somewhat disorientated and confused. However, as you continue to set yourself free from the past the light of your soul will emerge giving you the direction and focus that you need. What is most important now is that you remain stable and steady as these wild energies won’t abate until the Solstice on the 21st.  



Sally Jo 9th December 2021 11:29 pm

Thank you Kate for your messages. ♥️


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