The Pathways of Light - 11:11:11 Stargate

The Stargate opening on the 11th November 2009 indicates the acceleration of growth and development within our human consciousness.  It is within this Stargate that we will unite with our innate potential, that which is held within the invisible realms.  In this time we are to awaken to the knowledge that our ways of being and living must change, that we are required to heal the abuses of this world and to recognise the desperate need within our collective consciousness to change our ways.

The evolution of our Soul depends upon the healing of our world and as we flow with the energy of this Stargate an entirely different spiral of our evolutionary journey begins, reawakening the sacredness of all life and encouraging us, as lightworkers and stewards of this Earth, to move forward into positions of leadership, global responsibility and healing.

As we merge with and integrate the energy of the 11:11:11 Stargate our consciousness is raised to another level of self-mastery.  This signifies to us that it is time now for our gifts and abilities to be consciously used in Spiritually awakening the consciousness of our world through the healing power of love.  Particular gifts are required for us to be capable of working with humanity on a large scale and as these possibilities arise we are urged to move beyond our inner restrictions and to meet our responsibilities with an open heart.    

The energy pathways required to manifest and co-create life are held within our DNA and are unlocked through the activation of the energy points located within our feet.  The reactivation of this energy center will allow for another surge of energy from our Divine Creator to flow into the energy grid located around our Earth and will display within our consciousness our creations before they are manifested within the Earthly plane.  This energy grid links all our conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions creating a unified force field whose aim is to recreate and restructure the energy grid held within our Earth. 

As we begin to consciously access and work with this energy gird we are urged to manage our emotions and to monitor our thoughts so that whatever we channel into the grid is for the good of all creation, free from negativity and fear.    

We have seriously depleted the energy systems of our planet and as a result it is essential that we create new pathways of energy that will sustain all living beings within the Earthly realm.  In drawing upon the abundance of energy that flows throughout our Universe and merging this energy with the Earth, we can recreate a structure for the creation of life and thus maintain our life on Earth.

The energy of the November Stargate will move through our hearts, strengthening our Spiritual connection and enabling our Spirit to merge with and fully manifest its self within our human Soul.  As our Soul and Spirit soar as one in this dance of eternal love, we can weave together new patterns and possibilities that will initiate  within our cellular memories a reconnection with our Divine Spiritual source.  Our energy centers will blaze within this union, purifying our energy fields and moving us beyond division and into alignment with our eternal beloved self.    

During this process our energy will be purified, rejuvenated and balanced, allowing for the light of consciousness and love to break through our denials and reveal to us the wisdom of our true nature.  Our reality will swiftly change and alter as the energy of this Stargate burns through our veils of attachment, which have delayed our ability to fully embrace our destiny. The healing presence of our Divine Creator shall extend outwards and envelop all Earthly beings, washing our energetic fields of mental anguish and worries, soothing and healing our shattered souls and encouraging us to release our Earthly burdens, allowing our vision to be purified and restored. 

As we rest within our Divine Creators embrace the power of our mortal and Spiritual choices becomes evident and we are urged to open to the mysteries found within and to choose to follow our inner teachings and guidance, which will help us to reconnect with the higher aspects of our own being, in body, mind, soul and Spirit.   As we bring into union our higher aspects we are able to recognise that our life is a sacred journey where wisdom can be found within our daily life.  As we become conscious of this wisdom we can understand that the patterns and beliefs that have been imprinted within our dreams and our intentions can change with the growth and evolution of our consciousness.  

This shows us that the way to liberate ourselves from our past patterns and beliefs is to align with our higher wisdom and thus access and explore the very nature of our personal authority and integrity.   

 It is only when we are secure in our own authority and power that we can begin to spread a path of peace and love and become the rainbow bridge required to join the realms of Spirit with our physical reality.  As Lightworkers it is imperative that we respect all of life and use our intuition and knowledge to meet the needs of our changing world.  With the energy of this Stargate we are being assisted in aligning our motivations with purity and honesty, we are being empowered to speak from our hearts and to act with conviction and common sense in achieving our destiny.  We are being initiated into the service of our world and as we follow our hearts calling we are reminded to walk in reverence and to give attention to the gentle reminders we are given to be patient and to let our inner wisdom guide us onwards.

In this time of grace the awakened heart of humanity shall reveal the essence of life within the realms of Spirit.  As we learn to fully interweave the Spiritual dimensions with the physical realm, we are granted the opportunity to become conscious channels of Divine energy.  In becoming conscious of the power of our choices, intentions and actions we awaken new pathways of energy which link us to the flow of energy held within the grid surrounding our planet, enabling us to access and channel the abundant energies of our Universe to effectively sustain life on Earth.    As we consciously begin to work with the new energy girds surrounding the planet  our awareness will extend internally as well as externally allowing us to become aware of any filters blocking the passage of cosmic light flowing into the grid surrounding the planet.  In this time of high energy our thoughts, emotions and feelings are required to be in full alignment with our highest intentions.  If they are not we will be removed from the grid and urged to heal and change before being reconnected.

In those times of healing it is vital that we give ourselves time and space to work through, process and release the issues that are brought to the fore within our consciousness.  As we create these new pathways of light we bring greater awareness and consciousness to our inner and outer worlds thus that which is in need of healing will become clear and transparent.

We are required to manifest a path of wholeness within our lives and the powerful surges of energy flowing through the energy grid will create unexpected events and powerful awakenings.  We are asked to look deeply into our inner world, to heal ourselves and to have faith in the changes we are required to make.  Knowledge of the energies that guide our evolution enable us to go with the flow with faith and trust in our Divine Creator giving us the necessary courage we require to heal and change, thus enabling us to fully embrace the purpose of our existence and to move forward upon this path of evolution.



Milleniumfalcon 12th November 2009 5:42 am

I wonder what you mean when you say this: "we are urged to manage our emotions and to monitor our thoughts so that whatever we channel into the grid is for the good of all creation, free from negativity and fear."? I am not sure that we are meant to control our emotions and monitor our thoughts, and in that way free us from negativity and fear. I feel we are meant to integrate both fear and negativity in the light, and it is not a question of control, but integrating our Shadow Energy

FutureNow 12th November 2009 9:41 am

I see your point above and I feel she is expressing our need to be "aware" of our true emotions and thoughts, yes we must merge with the shadow but in integrating the shadow we also stop "passing along negativity" like a virus to one another...

k 12th November 2009 1:44 pm

Our personal journey to the Light involves overcoming our demons of ego and negativity. Only after we become masters of our emotions and thoughts are we really able to become effective vessels of Light. Then we project pure vibrations, but it starts with each of us and our choices to trun from darkness to the Light

Katherine 13th November 2009 5:13 am

With all the changes I am experiencing, this has been a thought provoking reminder of the purpose in this journey.


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