Voyage into the Unknown

So far it has been an intense year with many sudden and unexpected changes. The landscape of our lives is shifting, changing the direction of our life, our we perceive ourselves, others and our place in this world. For some this process is liberating and empowering and for others it is painful and confusing. Despite what is being portrayed it is important that we remember there is a greater purpose behind all that is occurring.

This is a voyage into the unknown where you will navigate the unfamiliar with your soul as your guide. As such it is essential that you find your own internal compass, your soul's truth, to lead you forward. Trust that even in the face of whatever challenges and obstacles you now face, your life is unfolding according to your soul's divine plan. Find the courage you need to be with yourself without distraction. Make time each day to listen to the quiet voice of your soul, tap into its wisdom and allow it to reveal how you are to reshape and redirect your life. You may find that you can no longer live life as you once did. Embrace that and trust that in the coming days, weeks and months your life will play out exactly as it should.

Much love



Meg 1st April 2020 4:30 am

"and trust that in the coming days, weeks and months your life will play out exactly as it should." Thanks...I hope so. Thanks 4 the message Kate.


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