You Have the Courage Necessary

The expansion of our human consciousness is accelerating at a rapid rate as the intense energies at this time work to burn out negativity purifying our energy systems. The incoming light is breaking through our denial and unraveling the attachments, which are delaying our ability to fully embrace our destiny. This is a deeply sensitive time where we are urged to monitor our thoughts and manage our emotions.

Currently your intuitive nature is being strengthened illuminating your path and rekindling within you an awareness of the power of your soul. As a result, you are urged to liberate yourself from past patterns and old beliefs so that you may align with your higher wisdom. Become aware of any filters that may be blocking the flow of energy moving through your life. Give yourself the time and space necessary to work through, process and release the issues that are being brought to your attention now. You have the courage necessary to heal and change. Have faith in the knowledge that you are being divinely guided.

Much love



VAARRR 29th October 2020 9:09 am

hi message from my
I want to raise questions-
everyone says- free will- you cannot influence souls who do not want to rise- their will to remain low......
questions- when so- then our free will- go up- despite them- means- as soon as we can, "not reality may, and others may....
this is . is- free will


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