Introducing Ashira
by Meredith Murphy

In early January, in a message to me about my work, the Archangel Michael told me that later I would channel several entities I had not yet had contact with, including Ashira.

About a month later I was channeling a message when a new voice, very lyrical and generous, began to speak, and when I asked who I was connected to, I was told: Ashira.

Ashira is a collective of non-physical beings who sing the song of creation and celebrate the amplification of energies in form.  They embody enthusiastic radiance of the life energies and and speak through Mira; a being of great love and generosity. 

Amazingly, I learned, the word Ashira, is a Hebrew name and means, "rich" and "I will sing".  It appears in the Tanakh, the Jewish bible, eleven times, and in each case it revolves around an aspect of singing to God.  In a researched talk, given by a Jewish Rabbi who named his daughter Ashira, I learned that in the Tanakh, in the early writings, Ashira refers to one confidently singing the song of praise for the present, with the self-assurance of singing a song in the future.  So Ashira--is the song of the realization of innate manifestation, in his own analysis: "It is a song sung in the present to sing in the future." 

Before I had learned this, the collective, Ashira told me about themselves, "We are here to sing to you, to awaken within you the awareness and the powerful beings that you already are so that you too, might herald in and co-create the New Age." 

I also learned that later on in the Tanakh, when the word Ashira is used--as in the time of King David--that the definition of the word had a different meaning.  It was still about singing, but without the certitude of the earlier singers.  To quote my Rabbi friend, "We no longer feel the surety in his desire to sing in the future." 

It seems auspicious to me, in our time of awakening that we are being taught, once again, to "Sing our songs in the present, knowing we sing in the future." That we have Ashira, to encourage us and support our remembering and awakening to our own innate divinity so that we may sing knowing we exist beyond time and space and create with only our focus.  

I will be singing a hymn of joy.


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