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Goddess of Creation

"I am an energy that comes from the source energy of God/Goddess/The All That Is. I am of a very high vibration; therefore prior to the year 2000, it was not possible for me to connect directly with people who had incarnated upon the earth. I am an energy that is here to remind you of who you are in your core essence. I am here to provide you with the opportunity to bring more and more of your soul presence, also known as you I AM presence, to earth. As you work with my energy or read the channels that portray me, you are opening yourself to transformation that will occur on many different levels. Much of this you will be conscious of and much you will not. As you open up and begin to understand who I am, you are opening up and beginning to understand who YOU are.

For so many of the people who are on earth at this time, it's a time of questioning. You are questioning who am I? Where did I come from? What is my path? Why am I here? Is there something in particular that I should be doing? As you read the material provide in this website and if you participate in the channeled journeys, you will begin to find these answers.

You have the answers inside of you. You have your own truth inside of you and you need only open up to this rich resource that is within. Many people as they step onto this path are unsure and seek many different types of resources and answers. I encourage you to read all that comes your way, but begin to develop a sense of what feels good to you and what might not. You will sometimes find contradictions as you are on this path. If that‘s the case, take the time to go inside yourself and you will know the answers.

The most important aspect of the new energy that people are moving into is the releasing of duality. Duality is the belief system that someone is right; therefore, someone must be wrong. This intrinsically has a judgment within it. Anyone who is judging the people around them is also judging themselves. I strongly encourage you take time to become aware in your own life of the ways in which you are caught up in duality and the ways in which you are judging both yourself and those who are around you.

Therefore if you are releasing duality, you are moving into a space of oneness. This is a space of balance. It's a balance of the male and female energies. It's a balance of what is occurring in your life, such as between work, family, play. Too many people who have such busy and active lives often do not feel the balance within themselves or their lives.

I am the feminine aspect of God. But I also am God. This is how the terms of God and Goddess were designed. So, as you work with my energies, the energies of the Goddess you are also working with the energies of God. For I DO represent the balance of the two.

I welcome you to this site and I welcome and encourage you on you road of discovery. May it bring joy, peace, and a deep felt contentment.

I am with you. I am within you.

~~~~Ansaluia~~~~ "
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