Many of One

We, Many of One, are a group consciousness of non-physical beings who gather together to communicate through the channel Leilah. This is Nancy Ward’s name in Spirit. Some of us have lived physical lives on Earth and some of us are from the Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian planetary systems. We are guided further by members of the Galactic Counsel.

In order to have a connection with the energies of the Earth, members of our collective include sprites, fairies and devas. The sweet, loving flower essences provide a soothing, gentle high-tone vibration and deeper-tone essences from the mineral kingdom join us to offer a perspective from the Earth herself.

We arranged to join with Leilah for this communication before she came into her physical life. Some of us are members of her Soul Group. We waited patiently for her to reach out to us, inviting us to communicate with her. This came about in the year 2003. We bring a perspective from the intergalactic level, along with the experience of the physicality of Earth. Leilah is our representative on the Earth plane – we collaborate with her, as her perspective is an integral part of our communication.

We also assist Leilah when she provides psychic intuitive readings for individuals. She is an empath and after making a heart to heart connection is able to tune into a person’s vibration to pick up on the energy they are resonating with. She then expands her focus to see what influences are affecting the person’s energy field. She calls upon us to offer further guidance and together we expand outward to address questions and concerns the client has. Leilah has the ability to open a doorway to the non-physical to communicate with those who have left the physical plane. We consider all of our interactions with Leilah as collaboration, for she is the one of our group who has travelled into the physical to be a bridge between worlds.

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24 June, 2010Summer Solstice Message3458
Nancy Leilah Ward
15 February, 2010Soul Transitions Vibe Report February 20104751
Nancy Leilah Ward
9 January, 2010Expansion and nervous energy 5054
Nancy Leilah Ward
4 January, 2010Soul Transitions Vibe Report January 20102961
Nancy Leilah Ward
4 December, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 20093311
Nancy Leilah Ward
6 November, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report November 20092892
Nancy Leilah Ward
13 October, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report October 20093147
Nancy Leilah Ward
4 September, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 20092591
Nancy Leilah Ward
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