Naeshira is a consciousness that is aware of the impulses of source energy to create and is an ambassador to the Great Central Sun, a keeper of the Records of Creation and attuned to the Soul of Creation. Channeling Naeshira is opening up to a direct connection with Source energy, through a field supported and protected by Archangel Michael. Naeshira is a higher dimensional version of myself.

The unique song, or energetic blueprint (vibrational elemental structure) of Naeshira’s consciousness is creative, curious, enthusiastic and attuned to inspiration, beginnings and visionary in coherence; this consciousness experiences the impulses of Source Creation in wholeness and is thus able to provide expansive perspective in a dynamic fashion.

My connection with Naeshira became conscious in early 2010, and I first began channeling her through Ashira—a collective of souls which functioned as transducers for this energy, along with Archangel Michael, until I was able to connect directly through the field held by Michael.

-Meredith Murphy

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