A Passion for Life, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross

Yes indeed, this is a grand whammy! A very powerful moment in time....Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. In the North it falls just after the midsummer Solstice, and here in the South, it is midwinter. I am told that the Light is strong and clear in the North. Down South here, I must admit that it feels very midwinterish, and I am feeling the need for quiet time to be within myself and to rest before the rising of the energies as we move towards Spring.

At this time, the topic that comes up for me is Passion. A Passion for Life.

We are at a difficult phase in our Collective Evolution. As we enter into the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness of our Connection and Oneness, we are undergoing huge changes within ourselves and in our Collective social interactions.

As Lightworkers and Conscious Beings, we are aware of the Changes in the Earth's Grid systems, as the Diamond Light enters the Planet and flows along the Sacred Rose Grids that facilitate our Cosmic Connection to the Higher Realms of Light. Many of us are aware of this Radiant Light all around us, and how it is lifting us to live at ever higher levels of openess and integrity both with ourselves and with others.

I took this image last month, of a friend who lives with a high level of personal integrity, and you can clearly see the rainbow diamonds in his aura, a beautiful visual affirmation of these light energies that we are feeling.


But it is not only higher levels of integrity that are asked of us now, it is also Passion and Purpose and Commitment. I like to think of it as the New Masculine Energy. We have spent many years integrating the Divine Feminine and learning to live with Grace and Compassion and Flow. Now it is time to find the Balance and to learn to live with Passion and Commitment and Focus. The Divine Masculine energy is that part of us that is Energy and Movement and, yes, the ability to do things in the World through making a commitment and focussing Energy and Intention, and having the Courage and Perseverance to follow through on these commitments.

I think that this challenge to enter into the New Masculine energies is being shown to us as we consider the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. The People "in charge" of the clean up quite clearly have no idea what to do. No one is taking responsibility in any clear and committed way. The government passes it to the Company and who passes it to the locals who have no idea what to do.......and so everyone is confused and apathetic and after nearly two months the oil is still gushing into the ocean. People are angry, frustrated and despairing.

And, this pattern seems to be very much part of life right now. In my own case, when I came back from my last trip, my heating system wasn't working. I phoned the company that installed it. After nearly a month of people "looking" at it, nothing has been done to fix it because nobody appears to know what is wrong. The Manager of the Company now refuses to take my calls. Of course they are still selling these systems, business must go on and money must be made, but no one knows how to fix things when they go wrong.

Yes, we live in a world where economic growth and making money determine everything. We have forgotten how to be Passionate about our lives and to be responsible for what we create. Do we have time? We are so busy rushing around trying to make more and more and more, that we have become a society that lives on the surface and never goes deep into experience. Even with the Gulf crisis, it is no longer "news" and our attention is now focussed on other things so that we will conveniently forget that the Oceans are being poisoned and polluted and continue rushing around living on the economic surface of our lives.

Time to wake up, step back and say "Stop".....Enough....this is our Planet and our Lives. FIND A SOLUTION! NOW! Don't let this situation be relegated to the "back page". It really is time to stand up and be courageous and be responsible and to have a Passion for Life and for the Planet.

Many people are, many are waking up and wanting to move beyond the shallow way of life where no one really knows what to do and so they go on making money instead.

But, looking in the mirror, are not our lives a bit like that too. How often do we really get passionate about anything? Have you ever asked yourself what you are passionate about in your daily life? What are you committed to? What is it that gives you Joy and a sense of Creative Enjoyment and Purpose? Are you really Present in your Own Life right now?

So many people ask me how you get there. They have no idea what Passion is and how you express it. I feel that this process starts within us, in learning to be passionate about our own lives, and to find passion and purpose in everything that we do. What we have in our lives right now is what we created. We need to honor that creation with gratitude. And that means that no matter how simple our lives may be, we can still create passion and beauty. It starts with awareness, being aware of how you feel and how you relate to your environment. Can you do anything to make the environment more beautiful and comfortable and beautiful...and then that extends to the Planet. What can we do to make the Planet more beautiful and acceptable for all who live on her at this time. How can we express our Creative Passion in meaningful ways?

How can we activate our Divine Masculine energy to be Courageous, Responsible and to honor the Commitment that we made when we incarnated into our bodies and came to the Earth. The commitment to honor our bodies and our lives and to work for the evolution of the Earth and the unfolding of the Divine Plan on Earth. That is what a Conscious Being does when they incarnate, and if we have forgotten, we can always make that commitment now.

This is the Tipping Point and the Wake Up moment as far as our Planet and our environment goes. It is time to live with Passion and Commitment. And on this Powerful Day of the Grand Cross that will trigger energies for many months to come, it is a good time to make that Commitment and to enter into the Passion.

I love this picture that was shared with me today. The Angels were made by a child, and I love the red and yellow colors that suggest that these Angels are Passionate and filled with Purpose and the Energy of Solar Power! To me they are the Angels of Passion and Purpose and Commitment, to guide us forward into a renewed contract of Passion and Purpose in the Evolution of our Planet and the Manifestation of the New Earth.



RealityCheck 26th June 2010 8:40 pm

Beautiful post filled with love, passion and light!
God Bless...

alisonelliot 27th June 2010 9:47 am

Thank you so much Celia. You have summed up the energy beautifully. It's great being back in touch w/you, last time I saw you was at the Conference on Illumination at Lake Louise in 08 - it's been quite a ride hasn't it!

I'd love to have your energy on Project World Bless - bilding context for change through blessing - http://worldbless.ning.com everyone's invited

Much love to you and many blessings


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