Meditation for the June Solstice 2011

We have just passed though the important Energy Portal of the Total Lunar Eclipse, and now we are moving towards the Solstice of June 2011. We invite you to join with us in Meditation to create a Global Wave of Love and to align with the incoming Frequency of Love and Peace.

It will be good to gather as Groups, to create Ceremonies and Gatherings, or simply to light a candle and to do the Meditation as a Personal Ceremony to the Divine Light. begin...simply close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus your energy into your Heart and feel the Light and Power in the Heart Center. You are connecting with the Divine Light within.

Now...allow that Light to travel down your Body, through the Solar Plexus and the Sacral Chakra and the Base connect with the Soul Star Chakra beneath your feet. Feel yourself grounding here, and connecting with the Love and Support of the Earth Mother. You are held in her Love always. Breathe deeply and enjoy this Blissful feeling.

Now, let the energy move further down to connect with the Crystal at the Center of the Earth. Here you connect with the Heart of the Earth...the Heart of the Earth Mother...and you feel a very deep and loving energy moving through yourt body and into your Heart as you connect with Love of the Earth Mother.

So...allow yourself to feel the Love and the Bliss. allow the energy to Travel up the Body, through the Throat, the Brow and the Crown Chakras to the Soul Star Chakra. Here you connect with the Soul, and with the Light of the Higher Self. You feel immersed in a Brilliant Wave of Clear White Light, and you know that you are never alone and that you are always Loved and Supported.

Just breathe deeply and feel the Love and the Bliss.

Now, allow the energy to move upwards...on the Cosmic Flow to the Heart of the Cosmos and there you connect with Divine Heart. You feel a Love that is Infinite and Unconditional just flooding into your Heart and filling you with Divine Light and Bliss.

As you feel this know that you are an Infinite Cosmic Being and that you are connected to the Divine Cosmic Heart as well as the Earth. You are a Human Earth Infinite Being of Light!~

At this connect with the Frequency of Love and feel as Light as a Feather on the Wind....drifting with the Divine Breath......moving with the currents of God....flowing with the Light of Creation and Divine Intelligence.....

Filled with Bliss and Radiance.....and anchoring that Frequency on Planet Earth...

Beloved Child of God...know that the New Earth welcomes this Frequency of Love and Peace and your desire to anchor this Frequency in your Heart and to become a living transmitter for the Frequency of Love and Peace......

Just hold the Frequency in your Heart and feel that is is being transmitted outwards into the Earth and being received into the Heart of every Living Being......

So...just sit in Peace and Love and allow this energy to Flow through your Heart.....

Now, when you are ready...just focus the energy back into your Heart and breathe deeply...three times and then open your eyes when you feel ready!

As you complete the Meditation...hold the intention that you will continue to be an Anchor and a Transmitter for the Frequency of Love and Peace on the Planet.

And So It Is!


You can download an Audio Version of the Meditation here.


laughlight 20th June 2011 10:58 am

Wonderful soul star meditation for the Solstice, thank you!
And how to say how wonderful it is to Receive your
beautiful voice offering this meditation to us!!!
All the best energies of this Solstice to you,
thank you


Persephone 20th June 2011 11:54 am

Thank you Celia, this fits so perfectly with my thoughts too...We have created a visualization for the June Solstice and invite people to join us to be in one intention together online. We've been working with the Eclipse Triad energies and find it so powerful for change in our lives.

I want to share this information, so hopefully it is appropriate to do so here...the website link is

and then go to Visualizations from the top navigation bar. The website is called The Meditation Connection. There is a youtube intro here

Blessings to you,


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