Special Channeled Messages for the July Blue Moon/ 31st July

Message One: "The Blue Moon Stargate": The Hathors through Celia Fenn.

This Full Moon that you are about to experience presents a very special opportunity for you at this time. This will be explained to you fully in the next message, by Archangel Michael, but we wish only to share with you the very special energies of this time.

In Ancient Egypt, when we worked with the people of those times, all knew that this period , between the 22/23rd of July and the 12th of August, was a very special time. In Egypt it was called the "New Year", and was celebrated as such. It was marked by the heliacal rising of Sirius and the annual rising of the Nile, which brought abundance to the land.

In your time, you recognise it as the time when the sun moves into Leo.

In ancient Egypt, the ordinary people celebrated this event. But the priestly classes knew that there was more to it than that. The heliacal conjunction in the sky of Sirius and the Sun, representing Isis and Ra, also signified an event of great importance in the heavens.The ancients also knew that the "Lion Path", or the path of advanced evolution, was made available to humans at this time

At this time, a stargate in the Sirius vicinity opens, and a flood of cosmic light washes like a river across the galaxy of the Milky Way - bringing waves of spiritual energy to the Earth that activates evolution on all levels. The priests used this time to practice ceremonies that would bring this cosmic light to Earth for the purpose of advancing the awareness of the "Law of One" or the message of Love and Unity among all the people.

We would urge you to do likewise at this time. Open your hearts and welcome this flood of loving Cosmic Light that emanates from the heart of the Great Mother and washes down the cosmic river of the Milky Way to the Earth - bringing abundance and joy to all who can open their hearts to receive it.

This is the gift of the Sirius stargate - and the Goddess Isis - the Great Mother. Who echoes and responds to the Divine Feminine energies within each one of us.

Message Two: "The Significance of the July Blue Moon". Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

The Blue Moon on the 31st July is a special time for those who have transitioned and those that are transitioning at present.

The Blue Moon will open up a portal which will allow those transitioning to move into the 6th dimension. It will also be the meeting point of the past, present and future and will allow for a blending of your lower and higher selves enabling you to become a full Human Angel.

To be able to function in the higher dimensions you need to have integrated your higher and lower selves into one. So as well as becoming aware of your connection to one another in the collective conscious you will become aware of your higher self working together with your lower self.

The connection to your higher self will be complete and you will not need to create a space or make time to connect with your higher self as you will be your higher self.

Many of you have been working on resolving your past life issues. We tell you that as of July 31st and the Blue Moon this will be done.. The issues from your past that needed to be resolved will be complete.

Expect to feel alot of different emotions at this time, especially grief as you learn to forgive yourself and those who have harmed or hurt you in the past.

The blending of your past, present and future selves is very important as it will allow for an integration of your higher and lower self. You will be able to manifest the peace, happiness and love that you all need in your lives. Your higher and lower selves need to integrated in order for you to be able to make the necessary choices and changes.

It is not a time for rushing into things or for major life changes as the changes that are needed will seem to happen on their own.

Your dreams will be very full at this time as you are making many of your choices and changes in the dream state.

Know that now is the time to allow for the integration of both yourselves so that they can work in harmony to create the future that is best for you.

Many of you are struggling to understand how to manifest what you want, know that the old ways of creating and manifestation do not apply in the higher dimensions. With the integration of your higher self you will start to become more instinctive of your choices, there will no longer be a time where you need to ponder, worry or plan what is best for you, it will miraculously appear. It is not a time for seeing your future and bringing it towards you, it is a time of allowing it to come when there is harmony - divine timing will be created.

We understand that this will cause alot of anxiety as many of you are unused to using energy in this way, but as you become more harmonious and accepting, it will become easier and easier. The planning and the organising that you all do about your future amuses us greatly and we wonder how long it will take for you to realise that it will happen when there is divine timing.

Divine timing means when all the "players" are in the right space or energy, it is about allowing the energy to create it for you. We are talking about the energy of the higher dimensions which many of you on Earth are working with at this time.

Because you chose this game of non-remembrance it will take time for many of you to understand how the energy works and how to work with it. Understand this - the energy is creative, it is about creating your reality. Creative being new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of living life. The fear that has for so long plagued your planet has been released and removed so now it becomes easier to learn how to create. Just start believing in yourselves as creative beings and masters. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the many lightworkers on your planet at this time, now becomes the time to live without fear!

We of the higher dimensions love this journey of yours and we love to watch as it unfolds. We watch eagerly to see how you will begin to create your reality now in the New Earth. We have faith and trust and we look forward to being part of the new Heaven on Earth!

Thank you and many blessings

Archangel Michael



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