The 2012 Portal and the New Beginning

The Energies for November/December 2012

Beloved Family of Light....what a Joyful moment as we approach the final moments of the Earth's Transition and Transformation into a Multi-Dimensional Environment for the Children of Light! The Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders stand ready to begin their work with the Solar Council and the Galactic Council as the 2012 Stargate opens.....

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Great Celebration and Achievement. All that you have worked for is about to manifest before your eyes! We know how hard you have worked in this period of Transition, and how you have held the Energies of Peace and Balance within your own lives, so that these might also manifest on the Earth. You have created the Crystal Temple of the Divine Flame within your own Hearts, and this Sacred Space that you hold within is now ready to begin to manifest in the material world as well. We would say again to you that it is so important that you hold this energy of Balance in your own Heart, and that you be the center point for Heaven and Earth and Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. As you hold these energies in your Hearts, you become the transmitters for the Light Codes for the New Multi-Dimensional Earth!

At this time, the Energies will be intense, and you can imagine it as though the Earth were a space ship and as she passes through this Stargate there is great turbulence in the hyperspace continuum. You will feel this turbulence as energetic disturbances in your life, but if you hold that center of Light and Balance in your Heart, you will align with Divine Love and Compassion, and you will become that Still Point at the center of all. Others will appreciate the Calm and Serenity that you are able to bring to their lives at this time.

As you prepare for this Moment of Culmination and Graduation, we ask you to be aware of your Feelings and Thoughts and Actions. Hold within yourselves always the Highest Frequencies of Light and Peace, and know that you are helping to hold a Field of Divine Love, Peace and Compassion for the Earth as she passes through the 2012 Portal to take her destined place within the new Golden Rose Galaxy and on the Galactic and Solar Councils of Light!

The 11/11 Stargate and the Initiation of the Light Codes of Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris

Beloved Family of Light, it was also our Joy and Privilege to work with you at the time of the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November and the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November. At this time, the Earth made her final alignments for the transit of the 2012 Portal, and also your Light Bodies made new connections that would assist them to work with the energies of the 2012 Portal.

At this time, the Energies of Athena and Apollo were initiated into their New Era roles as the Guardians and Custodians of the Earth/Solar portals that connect the Earth with her Twin Flame Star, the Sun or Solaris. They were given the names Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris. Together they embody the Solar Energies of the New Sun, Solaris.

Athena was previously the Archetypal Feminine energy of Wisdom and Strength, and also the Goddess of War. Now, as the New Earth rises, she is reborn as the Solar Divine Feminine Goddess of Light, embodying Wisdom, Strength, Compassion, Power and Peace. In the New Earth there will be no more war, and where the presence of Athena Solara is found, there she will shower the Golden Energy of Divine Compassion and Wisdom. After she was activated into the Earth's Harmonic Field at the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November, she immediately went to work to assist in bringing Peace through the Solar Light Codes of Compassion and Power to those areas where it was most needed. You may call on her presence and energy wherever you would like to bring Peace and Compassion, and the deep gentleness and power of the Light Consciousness of Athena Solara.

Likewise, her partner Apollo Solaris, embodies the Light Codes of the Solar Divine Masculine. Apollo was always a Solar archetype, but in his new Archetypal role he becomes the embodiment of Light and Power, of Creativity and Manifestation and Joy. Where Athena brings Peace and Balance, Apollo enables the Creativity and Manifestation that will create the Structures of Peace that will form the New Earth.

Beloved Ones, you may choose to work with these New Energies in different ways, but they will support you in the expression of your desire to being Peace and to Create a New Earth Society after you have passed through the 2012 Stargate.

The 2012 Portal and the Star Grid Energies and the Multi-Dimensional Light Cities

So, Dearest Family of Light, we would also speak with you about the work that we have engaged with together with Family of Light in 2012. We have worked to create a Grid system of Geometrical "Stars" or Merkabas, that Encode and Transmit the Higher Frequencies and the Intentions of Peace. These Stars were designed as Co-Creations with Family of Light, and their purpose is to strengthen the Field of Peace as the Earth transitions through the 2012 Portal and into the Multi-Dimensional New Earth.

The first star was created together with Family of Light in April of 2012 in Riga in Latvia, in the presence of the Devas and Elementals of the Forest World. Family of Light there had gathered together to share in a number of Ceremonies to activate and connect with the Elemental Energies of the Sixth Dimension and the Forest World, and to connect with the Rainbow Bridge to the Higher Dimensions that had been activated in Lapland in Northern Norway and Finland in 2011 and 2012. The Bridge had been reconnected and the Energies were flowing freely, and so the Star of Riga was co-created in a powerful Ceremony and celebrated with Song and Dance. This was followed by the Creation of the Star of Moscow in July, where Family of Light came together, including some of those who had co-created in Riga, to work together to create the Star of Moscow. Then in August, Family of Light in Turkey came together to co-create with Us the Stars of Istanbul, Izmir and Damascus. This was followed in October by the Creation of the Star of Berlin, in northern Germany, and the Star of the Bodensee in southern Germany and on the border with Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Each of these stars is a Sacred Geomterical Icosa-dodecahedron Crystal of Light, spinning at high frequency and transmitting the intention of their Creators, to bring Peace and Love to the New Earth and to the Cities where they are located. They work with Free Will and Choice, making the Light Codes available to those who would open their hearts and receive. The Stars are also linked together in a Star Grid that will assist the Ascension of the Earth at the 2012 Portal.

The last of these Stars for the 2012 Star Grid, will be Co-created in New York City in December 2012. We shall be present there to work with Family of Light once again, and to co-create the Star of New York that will carry the Intention of Love and Peace for the City. At this moment the stars in the East will link with the Stars in the West, to create a bridge between the USA, Europe and the Middle East as an Activation Point for the Ascended Earth energies.

But, we will also work to initiate the first Multi-Dimensional Golden City of Light in New York City!

Beloved Ones, know that as the New Earth is born, the Paradise Codes that were activated in 2005 will move into Higher Activation and will begin to work also with the Great Cities of the Planet. It is in the Cities that Transformation is most needed, and the Golden Multi-Dimensional Cities will be focal points for the seeding of the New Energies and for New Ways of Living in Harmony with the Earth and all her Beings.

At the 2012 Portal, the Star Grid will assist in activating the New Earth Light Codes for each of the Cities where the Stars were created, and in transmitting these Codes to those Cities who choose to make the shift into Multi-Dimensional Golden Cities of Light!

We do invite you, wherever you may be, to join with us in holding the energies for the Multi-Dimensional Golden Cities of Light of the Future New Earth.

Beloved is indeed a most Wonderful and Exciting Time for All on Planet Earth!

What You Can Expect at the 2012 Portal

Beloved Family of Light, contrary to what many others have said, we have always old you that the 2012 process would be carried through with the Intention of Peace and Grace, and without Disaster and Catastrophe on a Global Scale. And so indeed it Is!

You, as Awakened Family of Light, came here to serve this very Purpose of holding the Sacred Space of Peace and Love so that the Earth could enter into the New Dream of the New Earth without having to go trough the upheavals and traumas of destruction.

But we aks you to be aware, that there are many prophecies and "dreams" that suggest chaos and fear, and it is necessary that you do not allow these to create an energy of anxiety and stress at this time. We ask you to turn away from fear and any who seek to create fear, and rather celebrate what has been achieved on your Earth and in the Galaxy!

You will pass through the 2012 Portal with the minimum of disturbance and with Joy!

Those who are "seasoned" Lightworkers and who are on the Ascension 2012 Teams, may indeed feel very tired, even to the point of exhaustion. You are holding the energy for the great change in your Light Body and in your Body. You are transmitting the New Light Codes day and night, so yes, you may feel very tired, but it will pass as you emerge on the "other side" of the Portal. Imagine that you are holding the spaceship steady as she transits the stargate, and that it is hard work, but yes indeed, Beloveds, it is worth it!

You may experience chaos in some way...chaotic dreams the Collective Consciousness tries to deal with the Shift into Multi-Dimensional functioning. You may experience sleeplessness and anxiety and even a little depression and sadness as you deal with these energies, but focus on being within the Crystal Temple of the Heart, which is your own Sacred Space, and all will be Well! is the End! The End of the Old Earth of lower frequency, which is slowly disintegrating like an old and worn out dream. And it is the New Beginning of the New Earth...the New Dream of Peace, Love and Abundance!

So, until we meet again on the "other side"...We wish you a Joyous Celebration of the 2012 Portal and Welcome in the Multi-Dimensional New Earth!


starlightseeds 27th November 2012 8:36 am

thank you Celia
very positive, very encouraged, and full of cheer article!

actually I am very tired now,
and my heart and heart chakra has been expanded maximumly...

for me, This year has been very heavy and tough year for vast&fast, gigantic transformation

so I am so much welcome to go up to higher dimentional new year,crystalline-energetic new world in 2013

I believe I could reach there with you, with all light workers, and with loving souls who wish new

so all light worker,Please share with me your vision, inspiration and experience to make heaven on earth

thank you
in lots of light
:smitten: Satone from jAPAN :smitten:

Sandra Smyre 27th November 2012 9:17 am

Fabulous post! I have cried out to the Company of Heaven asking what is happening to my body and you made it so clear. My joints feel leaden and I've been congested for 2 months. I shall continue to hold the Light and do God's work for the Greater Good. You, my dear, are an Angel! In LoveLight, Sandra :angel:

grammanet 27th November 2012 9:23 am


Hold onto that energy... coming in for the landing!


Love & Light,


Ela Rae 27th November 2012 10:37 am

Such a beautiful post~ Thank YOU!!!!...and others are reiterating, the exhaustion is exhausting! LOL The dreams hit on the head...vivid dreams but no part of the dream any familiar energy to me...has felt like I am clearing other peoples stuff. My daughter is 7, she said to me yesterday, Mama you need some energy. She had me lay down and begin clearing some gobs of goo. After she sat, very serious like and wrote a list of instructions. 1. Drink 1 gallon of water every day
2. Meditate 1 hour every day after you make lunch. 3. Go to your room and shut the door for 2 hours every night after you make dinner. Such great advice...leave it to my 7 y/o to have the perfect recipe to take care of myself! Happy transitions and transformations to each and every one of you as we welcome in the new earth!

Connie 51 27th November 2012 11:18 am

Thank you dear Celia: Yes a wonderfully encouraging message. Blessings one an all

Lou84 27th November 2012 4:39 pm

Look at all of us here boarding the ship! Not long to go now :angel:

Continuing to keep my love, light and vibration up high for myself and all.(Stocking up on Garlic and Ginger, heard its good for the immune system, as I too have been down with flu like symptoms)

Thank you for your messages, God bless you and Archangel Michael, whom I love very much. :smitten:

Love and Light to you Celia and everyone
Lou x

kay 27th November 2012 8:39 pm

Your article captures beautifully the worn-out-yet-exhilarated condition so many of us are in. Thank you for this, Celia.

After watching a recent video clip of yours, I began working with Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris, not full-time heart and soul, but at times just asking to feel their presence. I'm not always in a place where I can draw on their glorious intensity, but so glad to feel their easy accessibility. Thank you for all your good work.

DragonQueen2012 29th November 2012 3:30 am

Thanks you for this message from Our beloved Archangel Michael. One thing that does puzzle me a little, South Africa doesn't even get a mention. Do you maybe have answers... :(
Angel blessings, Love and Light,



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