The Crossroads and the Way Forward

On this day before the Solstice, I am feeling more and more the tension and the anxiety in the Collective Consciousness, And also the anger and the disempowerment. As a Planetary society we have reached a Crossroads and we must make choices. Much of these feelings have to do with the unfolding horror of the Gulf Oil disaster. It seems as though this, more than any other recent event, has brought home to people the very real consequences of our present relationship with the Earth, and how very damaging and destructive it is and continues to be.

In reading the angry and despairing comments of many people, I was reminded how very much this situation is like the one portrayed in the recent movie "Avatar". The cold and detached CEO who was only interested in profits and was prepared to destroy a people and a forest without thinking twice, bears an uncanny resemblance to the CEO of the Oil Company responsible for the Gulf disaster.

I have always believed that art, and films, are expressions of the Collective Consciousness, and that you can tell a lot about a culture by looking at the art and entertainment that it produces. In many cases these are upwellings of Collective feelings about life. If we were to look at Avatar in this way, it would seem that Humanity is tired of the Corporate Greed and the Economy of Profit that leads to the destruction of the environment and the disempowerment of people. There is a Collective desire to return to the "forest", that interconnection with Nature and the pulses of Cosmic energy, and to be something different, an expression of the "people" rather than a cipher in a violent and destructive corporate money game. This is, of course, the whole nature and purpose of the Fifth Dimension and the New Earth. Indeed, we stand at a Crossroads. As a Collective, we can now make the choice that will shift our Planet into the Fifth Dimension as a whole, or we can continue down this path of profit and greed, until the next disaster when we will be faced with the same choices again.

I was struck by the similarity between the Avatar story and the traditional story of the Grail, because the archetypes are that familiar. In Avatar, the hero is a crippled soldier who becomes the warrior who frees the Planet. He goes through several transformations and initiations to become part of the "people". In the Grail story, the Fisher King is deeply wounded and his land has become a Waste Land. He can only be healed when the Grail seeker finds the Grail and is able to find the Grail "question", that question being "whom does the Grail serve?". In then 21st Century we know that the Grail is the Human Being, the vessel for Divine Spirit, and the question is, whom do we serve? The Divine Purpose of Life and Evolution, or the Economic needs of Big Corporations?

This is a complex question, because life has evolved on this planet to support 7 billion people, and the way forward must be able to sustain and support this population. We cannot go back to the Stone Age. We are a technological society, and we need to develop technologies that are clean and that honor all forms of life. We need to stop raping the Earth for resources to fuel artificial economic growth for profit and find ways to live in harmony with the Earth and in partnership with other forms of life. We need to find ways to build communities that are expression of the "people" and not market places for ever expanding consumerism, while still providing for our daily needs and the expression of who we are.

No, not easy. But the choice must be made now, it is that important. And it will not be made for us. We will not be lifted miraculously to another place and no one will arrive in a space ship to save us from ourselves. As the Hopi say, We are the Ones we have been Waiting for. We are the Ones. We need to empower ourselves and become Warriors of Light and start asking the right questions in our lives. Who are we serving? Are we conscious of Who we Are and our Power. And yes, many of us are, and are doing all we can right now.

I know that many, many of us, are entering into the Collective Consciousness and the Dream Time to intervene with holographic images of Paradise and a Cleansed Earth and Oceans, working with the Cetaceans and the Angels and Masters and the Indigenous Peoples to find ways to lift Earth into the Fifth Dimensional reality of Beauty and Love. And this Power Point of the Solstice is the ideal moment to combine our energies to make a powerful intervention in the Collective Consciousness to say "Yes" we have chosen to be part of the New Earth and to serve the Divine Purpose on Earth.

However, unlike in "Avatar", this will not be achieved with violence, but by coming together to give our energies to new initiatives and new forms of Community that express who we are as the "People". We are only beginning this work, and the first step must be the choice to be part of the solution and the New Energy of the Fifth Dimension.

If you can make that declaration as part of the Solstice Ceremony, then you will be empowering the Collective by letting it know that you are a Warrior of Light and that you are committed to the Peaceful Transformation of the Planet into the Fifth Dimension of Connection, into the Noosphere of Light.

You can say a simple sentence such as : "I commit myself to the Service of the Light and the Peaceful Transformation of the Planet into the Fifth Dimension of Love and Connection, and I serve the Earth and all her life forms for the Highest Good and with the support of Spirit. And So it Is".

Then, allow Spirit to guide you and become aware of choices that you can make in your daily life that will guide you forward. It makes little sense now to blame and accuse and be angry other than to awaken people to how far down the path of environmental destruction we are. Maybe we are grieving for what we have lost, so that we can move forward into the future. It is time to make another choice and to follow another path forwards as a Collective. It starts with us and it starts with the Desire for Love and Peace expressed in gentle but powerful ways! The Collective Consciousness is waiting to hear from Us! Now!

So, here is an interesting interpretation of "Avatar" that highlights the inner need to develop "empathy" and "compassion" and aspects of wisdom that will move us beyond exploitation and control.

And here is a song that I played at a gathering in Europe at the beginning of the year, Michael Jackson's beautiful "Heal the World".



Kirin 21st June 2010 5:59 am

Hello all.

Is there really noone who 'sees' that BP is in this on our account? We are the ones making them do what they do. Can you imagine what would have happened if there had been signs on the petrolstations: no petrol because of safety issues?????? Everybody would have tumbled over BP; angry because they want their cars filled up; no matter what......Well; in my opinion the 'no matter what' happened.
We must stop blaming the one who is working on our behalf. WE have to change our way of living.......then BP will not get into these kind of troubles anymore...

Just wanted this of my chest.....

Sending Light into the area where the spill is (as advised by Spirit) instead of negativity and anger......THAT will help Gaia to 'allow' the flow of oil to stop......Sending Love to All Life.... I did hardly hear any comment, when 'we' dumped out toxic waste in Africa and lots op people died. At that time we were SO aware, it was our collective responsability.....Few commented on that....
As always I want to state, that this is my personal opinion.....


LauriLumby 21st June 2010 6:16 am

As I sit in the energy of the Gulf oil tragedy, I am hear the deep temptation to step into fear. While we absolutely have a responsibility to learn important lessons from this debacle, and we are required to do something about it, we are also reminded to stay out of the fear space. I have read much of late about the potential horrors that could come about due to this spill, and I am reminded that if we are to step into the new world/new paradigm, we must stand in a place of light and trust in the Divine. There is nothing outside of us that can take away our natural state of peaceful contentment. Let us remember to stand in this light as we move quickly and trustingly through where the Divine will lead us to respond/act and most importantly, BE.

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

RealityCheck 23rd June 2010 9:41 am


lrm 21st June 2010 12:10 pm

Thanks for saying this-
and NOT JUST OUR AUTOMOBILES, but a slew of products and services we use in our daily lives...require some form of petroleum, for the final product or in the processing of the items,including:
*Candles and wax
*Household items of all kinds, such as furniture

I could really go on and on-but suffice it to say, unless you are using some alternative version of these items (and using solar powered vehicles to then have them transported to you), better to be a mature adult and realize we are part of the chain in this oil spill.

Sure, corporate integrity is rare on the planet these days; sure, BP and any corporation needs to be accountable for it's standards and outcomes. But, people running around pointing fingers like little children, and/or seeing things simplistically, really does not further anyone or anything at this time.

People need to own the fact that we currently rely on oil for lifestyle. It's great to be aware of this so we can purchase from companies that are sound in every way,demanding safety in futu

lrm 21st June 2010 12:18 pm

List of products made from petroleum, a partial list...(don't forget: Oil is only one product made from petroleum)

And, let's not forget dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. (unless you use a petroleum-free version).

This is not 'good or bad', to me. It is reality at the moment. It's not about casting is about a realistic assessment of where we're at, and if we don't like it-then, we change it. (Yes, the oil spill is 'bad' for the earth and us. But I mean that the spiritually mature human simply observes and recognizes first, without judgement or assumption, in order to know how to best respond. So, for a millisecond, just say 'yea, we use alot of petroleum today', as a matter of fact, like 'the sky is blue'. Then the emotions and reactions come in, a millisecond later.)

quote: According to Rankin Energy, one 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest of that barrel goes into making other products - Rankin estimates there are over 6000 items using oil in their manufacturing.

RealityCheck 21st June 2010 4:58 pm


anje 21st June 2010 1:12 pm

wow some really good points. especially about needing now to find the way to fully support both the earth AND its 7 billion people. I appreciate this in place of the often quoted need that we are to get rid of a lot of people first! ...that many ppl have chosen to depart, will depart and that the dark side is out to annihilate many and all that ongoing prospective darkness about the incapability we have to survive.

But we don't have to worry because we will know what to do. Just as many of us reached internal crisis of the same magnitude at 9/11 (or other times) we just knew what to do and what was happening. Collectively we are reacting to collective crisis this time, and the next step will be doing whatever it is we need to do.

Bless the CEO of BP, if indeed he has any resemblance to the CEO in Avatar, he has served humanity in being 'the one' to orchestrate our need for the clues and messages we need to move forward.

Ron Laswell 21st June 2010 11:22 pm

As one who interprets'symbols', allow me to go back to Celia's analogies to the movie, Avatar. We can think of the wheel-chair bound soldier as representing each one of us not realizing our fullest spiritual potentials. We tend to 'live in our dreams' rather than doing something to change our 3D physical lives. For those of you who saw the movie, did you notice how E'wah - the goddess energy - sounds a lot like the reverse of Yahweh - the Hebrew/Christian male god??? I find it very interesting that the movie's writer chose to utilize that symbolism.

My personal favorite part of the movie was at the end when the energy and body that was Jake Sully was transformed and metamorphosed into his Na'vi counterpart. The opening of the eyes into a new reality was extremely poignant for me. I feel my own life is undergoing a similar transformation - and I have even been 'informed' by Spirit when it will happen, which is later this year. In the meantime, I must become my own 'turok muktow'! Incidently, you HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE to understand the significance of 'turok muktow'.

Janette 22nd June 2010 3:37 am

Maybe we should celebrate this event, the oil disaster and give thanks for it. Maybe in celebrating this event it will bring in new energy and solutions in dealing with the oil issue. It will certainly bring in new ways in dealing with and honouring the earth. Always out of disaster comes a change for better ways, better methods and a better road forward for all. Let us celebrate and give light and love to the oil spill and each in our own way try to honour and respect the earth in every way we can during our daily life. If I was nearer to the site I would offer my services, now all I can do is celebrate, give thanks, give love and light to the area and to the world in general. Thank you all.


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