The Energies for March 2010

Beloved Family of Light, you are truly passing through energies of deep Transformation and Change. Since the activations of the Sacred Rose Grids and Portals on the 11:11 of 2009, and the powerful Lunar and Solar activity of the first two months of this year, you have indeed felt the Acceleration of the Cosmic pulse as it is received on Earth. This is affecting the Magnetic grids of the Planet and the weather patterns in both hemispheres.

This is a powerful shift, and it brings in its wake great blessings, even if it is being experienced right now in ways that are stressful and difficult for many of you. These times will pass, and at least by the Equinox of March you will have regained your inner and outer balance after this intense wave of Cosmic energy.

Beloved Ones, the March Equinox will be something of an "Emergence" in the next steps of your spiritual and physical evolution. Many of you will benefit from the ongoing activations and transformations that have been experienced at the Pineal Gland, in the Brow and Crown Chakras and within the DNA. You will begin to notice that you are entering into new perceptions and new and deeper gifts and abilities as your Light Body receives more Light and this is transmitted to the physical structures of the Brain, the Pineal and Pituitary glands and the Heart, especially the Thymus Gland and the High Heart Chakra. This will expand and intensify your ability to see, hear and communicate on the Higher Dimensions and with increased intuitive ability.

This means, Beloved Ones, that you will become able to access your gifts of empathy and telepathy more clearly. You will begin to communicate more with the Heart and the Feelings, with intuition, than with words. As you enter into these intuitive modes of being, you will still appreciate the gifts of language and words, but you will become more aware of the energy behind words, rather than the "meaning" on the mental level only. Silence will become as important as words. The ability to be in silence and to feel the energy of Love in that silence will become more important in this New Energy that you will enter into after the March Equinox.

Indeed, Beloveds, at this March Equinox, the energy of the Sacred Rose will become stable and open, and will be Shimmering and Radiant, and will illuminate the Planet in a Golden Light. This is the Golden Light of Ascended Unconditional Love, that which we call the "Christ Consciousness". This is the Perfect Balance of Heaven and Earth, expressing the Divine Love of Source through Human Form. We would indeed encourage you to join together in Sacred Ceremony on this date to celebrate this grounding of the Cosmic Christ energy and your own rapid ascension or acceleration into new ways of Being.

Those of you who have activated your "Grail Codes" and become recepticles for the Golden Light of Unconditional Love, will also have intensified abilities to manifest and to heal. The opening of the Sacred Rose and the Crown Chakra will intensify the ability to see and hear on the Higher Levels. The Gates of Perception will be fully opened to those who are awakened and ready to emerge to this new level of being and living. Beloved Ones, you are the pioneers, the ones who will access these new abilities so that all humanity might also discover their birthright as the "Holy Grail", the Physical Vehicle for the Light and Love of Spirit.

Beloved Ones, we in the Angelic Realms ask that you become more conscious of what you Are. As Human Angels, you do indeed have access to great personal power that flows from the Divine Light within. This is a power that can only be used for the Highest Good of All. It is the power to Love, to Heal, to Manifest, and to Nurture. We ask you to Accept and Receive it, and to Honor it and to treat it with Great Respect and Gratitude. This is the gift that has been two thousand years developing within Humanity, and is now being birthed in You.

Soon will emerge a real understanding of the New Humanity and its Gifts of Love. These gifts are gifts of Beauty and Love, for there is nothing to fear. Many of you have been hesitant to embrace your abilities because of past life echoes of persecution for the expression of such gifts. But know, that in this time, it is the right time for you to accept that the ability to be a channel for Divine Miracles is the purpose of the New Earth Human Angelic physical form.


The Elemental Synthesis : March 2010

Beloved Family of Light, in this last acceleration of the Light Frequencies, you have experienced many extremes of weather and earth conditions and movements. There has been chaos in the Elemental Realms as the energies have surged between the Cosmic Heart, the Solar Heart and the Earth itself. The Elementals have responded in their own way with a desire to cleanse and heal and celebrate.

But, Beloved Ones, we would suggest most kindly that it is time that more of you took up your responsibilities as Earth Keepers and entered into partnerships and working relationships with Nature and the Elemental energies.

At the March Equinox of 2009, you celebrated the Elemental Reconnection that would allow you to co-create the New Earth in partnership with the Elementals and with Nature. But, so few of you are as yet working with that partnership. In the New Earth, you will find Oneness with plants, animals, minerals, as well as fellow humans. Your gifts of communication and healing will be exercised in partnership with these other beings who share the planet.

Beloveds, each one of you can create what we call a "biosphere", even in your own home however small that is. This is a "sphere" of energy that is devoted to your relationship with plants, animals and minerals. It can be as small as a pot plant and some crystals, that is your Sacred Bridge to the Elemental Kingdoms, or it can be a Garden that celebrates the dance of the Elemental Energies of Nature.

There have been many examples of those beautiful souls who have learned how to communicate with Animals and Nature, and to grow plants with love for pleasure and for food. Also, in the past, all Sacred Spaces and Temples were graced with beautiful gardens to celebrate the working partnership between Spirit, Humans, Angels and the Elementals energies. You have forgotten this because many of you visit Sacred Sites as tourists, and you do not see that once these sites were places of great sacredness where Nature was held sacred as well.

In your modern cities, you have forgotten nature, and you see growing trees and plants simply as food or resources. But, these Living Beings were created to experience Joy and to bring you Joy in Sacred partnerships.

Know, Beloved Ones, that when you fully enter into Sacred Partnership with Nature and the Elemental energies, you will have the ability to communicate with them. This will mean that you will know of extreme weather patterns and you will be able to modify such patterns through Elemental and Human co-operation. This will be a loving co-operation and not an aggressive manipulation in the name of "science". Your scientists are perceived by the Elemental Kingdom as aggressive, hostile and lacking in respect for the sacredness of life. Is it any wonder that this is what you see in the mirror when you contemplate so-called "natural disasters". Is it not time to begin to show respect, sanctity, and love, so that these energies may be reflected back?

Beloved Ones, creating a "biosphere" energy allows you to create a small sphere of energy where Nature and Elemental energy are respected and loved, and where Human enery and Elemental energy thrive together. These various "spheres" will begin to resonate together and will link up in a grid of love that will provide the foundation for a more loving and peaceful relationship with nature and the Elemental energies. Each of you can contribute, and at the March Equinox celebrations it would be good to invite the Elemental energies and to celebrate a year of Partnership and Love in the New Earth.


Sacred Union and Partnership in the New Earth Energy

Beloved Ones, in the next two years you will be increasingly focussed on the energy of Partnership and Relationship, and especially Sacred Union. This will be because as you enter the Fifth Dimension of Light, you will become more aware of what we will call the "Fractal Pattern of Oneness". This is the Original Template of Creation, where the One becomes Two, and the Two become One in order to create. Yes, it is a wonderful paradox that describes the Pulses and Cycles of the Dance of Life.

So, you will perceive that the Essence of "Oneness" is expressed in Diversity and in Co-operation through Partnership. Only by experiencing partnership can the Power of the One be achieved, whether through Inner Partnerships or between those expressed in the Outer Reality as a Mirror for the Dance of Life. So, you will be increasingly focussed on ways to express Partnership on all levels and how to be in Partnerships that are a true expression of your Inner Essence of Divine Love.

To assist this process, the Celestial Body of Saturn in your Solar System is passing through the Seventh House of Libra, and will be there until the end of 2012, with a brief retrograde into Virgo from mid April to July of this year. The Seventh House is the place of Partnership and Sacred Union, of Harmony and Balance. Saturn is the agent of Restructuring Energy, and in this upcoming two year period you will indeed experience a complete restructuring of the ideas of Union and Partnership to a frequency of Harmony and Love beyond that of the old energies of Power and Sexual Exchange.

All partnerships in the Fifth Dimension will resonate with the "blueprint" or pattern of Sacred Union, in Love, Balance and Harmony.

Those who actively seek the intention of Sacred Union in a Twin Flame partnership will find this easier to achieve. They will be supported by the Flowering of the Sacred Rose energies, and the Energy of Restructuring that will finally dissolve the old patterns and allow for the establishment of New Patterns of Love, Commitment and Joy in the Light.

Indeed, Beloveds, this is a Blessed time of great change, and you are seeing all that you have desired and worked for beginning to manifest into Physical Form. But, there is still much to come, and we ask you to continue to hold the Light in Joy, Peace and Love.

You are the Light of the World!


The Energies for March 2010

The Sun will be in Pisces until the 21st if March, when it moves into Aries. The March Equinox, Spring in the North and Autumn in the South, falls on the 20th of March.

The New Moon is on the 15th of March, and is in Pisces. At this time, when the energy is ruled by Neptune, the planet of Higher Love and Ideals, it is a good time to reaffirm your commitment to serving the Light and the Highest Good in the year that lies ahead.

The Full Moon, on the 30th March, is in Libra, the House of Relationship and Partnership. Now is the time to create a Sacred Space of Meditation to begin your own Process of Restructuring your Partnerships and Relationships into Alignment with the Balance, Harmony and Love of the New Earth Energy.

We wish you Joy, Love and Peace in the Month of March!


mifasolasi 3rd March 2010 6:45 pm

Thank You Arch Michael :angel:
Thank you Celia.. :)
It is a great message!!
it is a daily experience of miracles all these, the peresent ones and the upcoming...
Thank you
Love :smitten:

Ron Laswell 3rd March 2010 11:14 pm

Elementals are the consciousness within the Mineral Kingdom. As with gemstones, amethyst has consciousness, or awareness, that is different from citrine, quartz, malachite, and all the other minerals. Even gold, silver, platinum, and lead all have a unique consciousness. If you are attracted to a particular gemstone, then there is an affinity between you and that particular gem. The core of the Earth, for instance, is an immense iron crystal. And based upon scientifically proven gravitational anomalies, it is probably faceted, and not round as illustrated in the geology books. Then, consider that the reason our blood is red is because it has an iron core. Our very blood binds and unites us to the core of Mother Earth. Can you feel the vibrational frequency between yourself and the Earth? The next chance on a sunny day, go outside and sit on a large rock. See if you can sense a vibration. Gardening is great, because you can stick your hands in the dirt and join the Earth with your 1st - base - sacral chakra. Blessings to all...

Satya 3rd March 2010 11:31 pm

Wow, thank you for this message! I have myself created what is referred to as a "biosphere" in my garden, and I do communicate with plants and elementals! What a blessing to have that possibility brought forth by beloved Archangel Michael.


Crystal38 4th March 2010 12:53 am

Thank you so much. :)

Ísis 4th March 2010 7:39 am

Thank you Celia and Michael for this HUGE validation of what Cura Cristalina is doing in Portugal...

Much Love.


Ron Laswell 6th March 2010 11:20 pm

Please excuse me for leaving out part of a more accurate description as to what is an "elemental". As I was falling asleep after writing the above info about mineral consciousness, the spirit guides reminded me that elementals are also the energies of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. My sincere apologies for misguiding anyone.

greatcentralsun 8th March 2010 11:09 pm

Fire, water, earth, air are the 'elements'.

'Elementals' are 2-dimensional conscious beings (often small, often playful).

Gnomes, brownies, elves, sylvetres, satyrs, pans, dryads, hamadryads, durdalis, goblins, dwarfs, leprechauns, giants.

Fays, fairies, sylphs, muses, dryads, drus, jinn, pixies, hamadryads, chameleons.

Mermaids, ocenaid, oreades, nereides, limoniades, sprites, nixen, potamides, undines.

Acthnici, salamanders, dragons, crickets, drakes, basilisk, phoenix, sphinx.

Sometimes included in the umbrella term of the 'Elemental kingdom' are plant-consciousnesses, animal-consciousnesses, some rocks and crystals. I think this is because they are all 2D consciousnesses.


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