The Equinox: Earth Magnetics and Balance Towards Stepping into the New Reality

Time certainly seems to be moving even faster these days! At last, I am at home and enjoying some early Spring weather with some sunshine in between the rain showers! The Equinox marks the tune of the seasons, and the time when the day and the night are of equal length, before the days shorten in the North towards winter and lengthen in the South towards summer. Here are some beautiful images I took last week of the Spring Flowers in the Kirstenbosch Gardens near to where I live now:



Nature continues to surprise and delight us, despite the changes and transitions that we are living through right now. Indeed, we are deep into the "Earth Changes", and I have experienced some of them first hand recently! Yes, they create chaos and misery, but they are also reminding us that we are part of the Web of Life on the Planet and that we are needing to return to that sense of Oneness and Connection in order to lift ourselves into the New Reality that is there for Us now if we choose to perceive it and create it.

There is no doubt that something BIG is happening with the Earth right now. We are moving into the Photon belt again, and also the Magnetics of the Earth Grids are changing in response to the impulses and Light Codes from the Galactic Center. Most people who talk about these changes do so in the language of Science, but I have been using a more poetic and metaphysical language to describe the same changes that are happening deep within the Earth herself.

When I was in Israel in April, Spirit asked me to activate a large Earth Keeper crystal under the city of Jerusalem. This Crystal would help to activate and bring online the deep crystalline grids and be a conduit for the rising Shekinah energy. The Shekinah energy is the Divine Feminine in its aspect of the "Cosmic Mother", and this energy is received and stored within the Earth in these great Earth Keeper Crystals. The Earth herself then releases this energy into the Crystalline Grids and it is received through the Earth Star chakra and into the energetic system of living beings. It allows us to feel loved and nurtured by the Cosmic Mother energy within the Earth and allows us to connect more fully and to feel loved and supported by the Earth in her aspect as the Great Mother. Other Great Earth Keepers have been activated in other parts of the Earth to be conduits for the Shekinah energy as the Earth transforms.

This is such an important activation and change. It allows us to shift from survival anxiety and fear into a feeling of being loved and nurtured by the Earth. It allows us to connect and feel loved and safe. On this Equinox day, this is a perfect time to create balance within ourselves and to open the Earth Star Chakra beneath our feet and really allow ourselves to connect and feel the love of the Mother through the Earth Star channel.

This change marks a huge turning point in our Collective History on the Planet, and especially in Western Culture. We have lived for thousands of years with Judaeo-Christian Culture that is based on Fear and Disconnection from the Earth. The story of "Original Sin" tells us that we are sinful and bad and that we have been cast out of Paradise and into a life of slavery and hardship and then death. This produces feelings of guilt, low self worth, being trapped and punished and suffering from lack and exclusion. The emotions that arise as a result are despair, depression, survival anxiety, anger, greed, violence, judgment and justification and blaming. Whew.....

As we wake up and realize that none of this is actually "true", then we can begin to perceive and live within another reality. We can open up to the transmissions of Love and Nurturing from the Divine Mother both on the Cosmic levels and from within the Earth herself. We can reconnect not only with our Soul Light through the Soul Star Chakras, but also with the Earth Light through the Earth Star Chakra. When I worked in Russia with Archangel Michael, we did several meditations and activations to align the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras with the new Magnetic Energy of the Shekinah Light.

The New Reality is one of Freedom. The old anxiety is replaced by contentment, a sense of worthiness, creativity, the ability to manifest and to learn through Joy and Fun. Above all, there is release from the need to strive to achieve a level of being "good enough" to be allowed into "heaven". Heaven is here and now, and we are all present and able to experience the joy and bliss of heaven on earth. This gives rise to emotions of deep contentment, acceptance and trust. Life is seen as offering many opportunities and challenges, which can be dealt with through choice and discernment. Life is lived with integrity, responsibility and caring, both for our own needs and those of others.

We have certainly felt the turmoil in the last few months as the powerful alignments of energy and the flood of new Shekinah light has loosened the hold of the old perception of life on our being. The magnetic force of the old weakens and the magnetics of the new come in. Maybe a kind of deep "pole shift" away from an outmoded paradigm of captivity and fear and into the new age of light.

In the last months we experienced the powerful wave of light that came through in April and May, as well as the Grand Cross alignment and the New Year/Lion's Gate portal at the end of July and the beginning of August. Now at the Equinox we have time to draw breath and find balance from all these changes and instabilities as we cross from one to another way of being and living. The so-called "symptoms" of ascension are our bodies responding to the changes in the magnetic field as the Collective Consciousness releases the old ways of "holding" to the Earth and accepts the new way of Peace and Love and Nurturing. The body releases and clears, not only for the individual, but for the Collective consciousness as well, allowing the years of trauma and anxiety to be released and to make space for a new perception of Reality that is available right NOW! It simply requires letting go of the old way of seeing life and stepping into the new, and to keep reminding yourself that you are living in this new space of abundance, integrity and support. As you give that to yourself you will also be given that from the Earth, from Spirit and from those around you. You are worthy, you have nothing to prove and nothing to strive or struggle for. You were born worthy and you were gifted with keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is time to step into that gift and unlock the love and abundance.

After this point of balance of the Equinox, we will move forward again to the 10/10/10 Portal. This is the moment when the Collective Consciousness will embrace the potentials and possibilities for deep change and this will be recorded and activated on the level of the DNA and the Soul Akasha. It will be recorded in the Human DNA and the Akashic records that Humanity has released itself from the bondage of the old and is ready to evolve forward with the Cosmic Pulse into the New Human Form and the new Human society.

The Cetaceans, especially the Whales as Keepers of the Akashic Records of the Planet and the Original Ancestors and Earth Keepers, will be responsible for assisting Humanity in the shift. They will be transmitting the Light Codes that will activate the new patterns in the Human DNA and will connect these with the Akasha of the Soul and with the Akasha of the Planet. This will create a powerful new template for the New Human. The time of possibility and potential that we have lived with for the last ten years is over. Now we are taking the irrevocable steps that will change our DNA and change our lives and the way we experience life.

It is a grand adventure...and we are ready to move forward into the Light of a New Day!

On this last week-end I was fortunate enough to have an encounter with two wonderful Southern Right Whales, who permitted myself and a friend to come so close to them that we were able to receive their transmission of the new Light Code frequencies that are being sent out now and will climax at the 10/10/10 portal. I was also fortunate enough to have my little video camera with me and was able to film the experience and make it into a video, which I have Joy in sharing with you on this day. The video itself will carry the frequencies and codes that are being transmitted by the Whales.


Mirayaelisabeth 21st September 2010 11:38 pm

With gratitude and a simple smile of BEing in The kNOWing .. a wonderful message. Thank you Celia. :thumbs:

toddm 22nd September 2010 2:37 am

wow thank you celia..i watched the whale video and instantly felt it in my aura to the point where it penetrated deep into my being..that was fantastic.. what a blessing you are..much love to you angel..Todd

CanadianAngel 22nd September 2010 9:59 am

Wonderful article and absolutely breathtaking video...thank you so much for sharing. :smitten:

TyffDavi 22nd September 2010 10:09 am

You are worthy, you have nothing to prove and nothing to strive or struggle for. You were born worthy and you were gifted with keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is time to step into that gift and unlock the love and abundance.

I will keep this with me :] Thank you <3

anje 23rd September 2010 2:06 am

That;s so weird. how can anyone 'activate a huge crystal' beneath a city?? Where is the crystal and what does it look like. How do you know it's there. THis is all speculations and mind games like making up fairy tales to make us think we have control over our environment when we really don't. Don't need any.. as what will happen will happen regardless. I just don't understand the energy requiring these portals, activations, grid stuff, whatever the mind can make up. It's a crazy occupation and there is no proof whatsoever any of it is real. It isn't real...there are no crystals under the cities nor guardian angel portals up above the clouds. What is real is people and their lives and how they relate and do real stuff.

LordandFriend 24th October 2010 8:22 pm

what could be fearful about God coming in the flesh to die for the sins of the world? I've never experienced true freedom and joy until I gave my life to Jesus Christ of the Bible. Every soul on this earth needs a True Sheperd to help guide and protect and provide for our lives, and if my God is willing to die for me, then that is who I want to serve. I know this mother earth stuff all seems right, but it is a false light and it can't reconnect you to the true God, but is seperating you further from the true Light (Jesus). I don't hate any of you here and I really just want you to see the truth. I pray for your soul Celia, because I know how great you could be in the Kingdom of God. I really Love you like God loves you (although i could never come close). God Bless ok!


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