The Indigo Revolution and Turkey

In the last two years, I have been working intensively in Turkey. In fact, I have spent more time in Turkey than any other country, in what I call my "Middle East Mission", working with Archangel Michael and the Masters of Light in this volatile and crucial region. I have travelled in Anatolia and spent time in the major cities of Istanbul and Izmir. I love Turkey, and I think I have come to know it quite well in the last two years. I am not there now, but I was two weeks ago! And, when I was there in March, I spent a week in Istanbul just exploring the city and reading up on Turkish history. I don't claim to be an expert by any means, but I do understand the basics and, also the Spiritual aspects of the recent unrest and violence. And, when I was doing a seminar in Izmir in March, Archangel Michael did say that there would be a clash between the "Old and the New" in Turkey, that this would occur in the summer, and that it would bring fundamental change to the entire region...and ultimately the Global balance.

Yes, Turkey is what Archangel Michael calls an "Alpha Creation Point". This means that seeds are planted in Turkey and they affect Global Civilization. After the Atlantis events, Turkey was one of the first places to nurture the new Human civilization that would emerge without any interference from extraterrestrial life forms through the Stargates. There are remains of settlements in Turkey that are estimated to date back 15,000 years before Christ. Also, because of its position between Europe and Asia, it has been the focal point of many empires including the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Today, it is one of the most successful economies on the Planet, and Istanbul is a vibrant and busy city that straddles the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia. This is a picture of me taken last year on the Bosphorus, when I was enjoying a sunset boat ride on the busy waterway with some friends:

Many people have been taken by surprise by the events in Turkey. In this case, the uprising or "revolution" is not about economics, its not about the poor versus the rich, although that may be an aspect of it. It's not about politics or religion per se, although these may also be issues. It's about a generation of Indigos standing up and saying: "This doesn't work for us!". It's not surprising that Tayyip Erdogan and the Security Forces were caught on the back foot so to speak, unable to deal with what was happening. Erdogan characterized the uprising as the work of "extremists and radicals", saying that they were "marginal groups" and that it would soon be over. This same belief in radicals and how you deal with "radicals" was the motivating force behind the violence from the police force. Eventually, as resistance swelled and more and more people of all ages and political persuasions took to the street, it became evident that there was something else going on here. I think this picture sums up the nature of what was and is happening...a young woman wearing only a summer dress and carrying a slim shoulder bag is tear-gassed by an aggressive policeman.

Well, I guess what they don't fully understand is that this is the Indigo Revolution. It is young people who have said " is enough" and who will stand calmly in the face of aggression because they are light warriors and systems busters. That is what they are here for. Turkey, and most Middle Eastern countries, have huge populations of young adults, millions of Indigos who know that they are here to make changes. When I wrote my book "The Indigo Crystal Adventure" with Archangel Michael, he stressed that it would be the Indigos who would be the "engine" of change on the Earth, and that they would be fearless in their missions. This is not to say that they advocate violence. I think even the Turkish government was slightly taken back at "rioters" who cleaned up the mess after them and left it all neatly tied up in blue plastic bags to be collected by the Trash Collection! This is a photo taken by a friend who lives in Taksim of the Gezi park area after the first "riot". There are many images of "protesters" cleaning up the mess. Looking after the environment is a central part of the issues here:

And, the protest and resistance includes all levels of a Crystal Child covers her face against tear gas...and an Elderly couple join the crowds in Taksim Square.

And in a picture taken this morning...some protesters get in some early morning yoga in Taksim Square:

As you can see, this Indigo Revolution is practically impossible for the government machinery to deal with. It is not radicals intent on violence, or extremists tryng to disrupt society. It appears to be young people, joined by others, who want to be able to live life beyond the control of Economic Consumerism that destroys everything in its path.

The actual Indigo Revolution began very quietly here over an incident of protecting the environment. As you may know, Gezi Park in the Taksim area was in danger of being taken over by a shopping mall development. It is apparently the last green area in Taksim, the commercial and business heart of the Europe side of Istanbul. This small protest began like Zucotti Park in New York, with protesters camping in the park to protest the decision of the government to go ahead with this development without consulting the people. The government sent in the Police who responded as if there was a "radical threat" and used water cannon and tear gas...on everybody. This was the point when something exploded in the Turkish Indigo consciousness and the young people took to the streets of Taksim and Besiktas, another big commercial and business hub on the Europe side.

At this point the government tried to dismiss the protests as violent riots caused by extremists, and this is when everybody started to join in and it become something of a "Love Revolution", with people joining together in non-violent protest. The government backed off, and the Deputy Prime Minister issued this statement: "The excessive violence that was used in the first instance against those who were behaving with respect for the environment is wrong and unfair. I apologize to those citizens," .

And so, as the government struggles to define the nature of the Indigo Revolution, there is something of a party atmosphere in Gezi Park as the people join together to celebrate the Unity of the Turkish people.

So, when you ask what exactly is this all about, I think you will find many different points of view. But what is emerging in this Alpha Seed Zone is a new consciousness of Unity and a desire to live in Freedom and in a true Democracy that supports all. It is indeed, an Indigo Revolution.


Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 6th June 2013 6:25 am

"Blessings upon You, Celia, for Being Our Eyes & Heart in Turkey..."
Love Always & Forever,
Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of "Endless Possibilities!"

fkirac 6th June 2013 11:04 am

Thanks a lot Celia for your love, especially for Turkey. All of the points you have covered is true. In addition to that I would like to emphasise the unbelievable hypocrisy of Turkish Media and government. All of the top channels are broadcasting beauty contests, movies, penguin and even Hitler documentaries during the Police is teargassing and killing people who don't fight back! The government is saying that they are sorry and at the same time this is being said there starts another attack from the police in another city! Of course Turkish media does not cover it. They instead say that this is a setup by the opposing party CHP. Unbelievable hatred and hypocrisy are demonstrated. But at the same time something very enormous is being done. The indigos don't fight back! Instead they mock the government with various genius ideas.
For instance they write on the road using paint in English:
You're afraid. "Arinc" you?
Bulent Arinc is the 2nd man of Prime Minister, and as you can guess his name is phonetically sounds as "aren't" in English :)
Mocking is in this level :)
Thanks again. Bye

anje 6th June 2013 11:38 am

Thank you for bringing us up to date on this!

Heartfelt courage 6th June 2013 5:56 pm

I tend to think of Indigo children in the USA, but now I'm
more aware of them outside of our country. Probably more infact, outside the USA! All of us being as one is very heart warming indeed!

Thank you Celia

Denise Dryden 6th June 2013 6:01 pm

Thank you Celia for your clarifications. It was difficult to piece together the news and information coming out of Turkey since Friday and yet, all I knew, was there was a tremendous amount of energy exuding from the pictures.

Please keep us informed as this continues.


KellyRae 6th June 2013 7:41 pm

I'm so overwhelmed with joy and pride at the changes that continue to unfold. Bring an indigo myself it's do mics to see it all coming together.....know our crystals and rainbow children will be taking their posts as well.
Thank you for sharing.

roselamb 7th June 2013 7:26 am

Thank you, Celia, for this insight. For those intersted in truth from Turkey, go to One of the producers is Sharif Abdel Kouddous, who is Turkish, bravely reporting right from the midst of the protests. Power to the people. And love for all!

misafir 8th June 2013 7:31 am

Dear Celia,
Thank you for your remarks. I agree with many aspects of what you say, especially with those that AA Michael mentions regarding the importance of Turkey, this geographical part of our World which inherits quite a lot of things including, in open or hidden form, history, wisdom, enlightenment potential, etc. that are crucial in essence with regard to the big story or the big Picture of human on earth.
But, this event does not look like an 'indigo revolution' to me. It looks rather like a complex event which introduces many problems waiting to be solved, to be solved. These problems are not only Turkey's , but rather should be an interest of the whole world's, otherwise, if the problem is not solved here, it will also be asked in many elsewhere.

misafir 8th June 2013 7:50 am

So, to say, the event is not about WHO is right and/or WHO is wrong, but it is rather what to do to improve things. Because old ways, rules, manners, methods to deal with things will prove to be failing or insufficient in the coming days. We will be in need to wear architect's cap on our heads, and start to redesign how to live on earth in harmony as human beings. So, a very difficult problem with all layers of complexity is being asked to the ones WHO have the most likely potential (qualification) to solve it. The source of the question (asker), I beleive, is the New Energy on earth. There are messages in the event to a great many addresses, not excluding any part that are somehow involved in the event.

Linda McColl 12th June 2013 12:44 pm

Thank-you for this I rarely watch the news and knew little about this. It came on the same day that a big oil company is selling two beautiful fields where I live . They tried before but the community stopped them ! This did not detract them they did not even tell the tenant farmer that they were selling the fields that he keeps horses in ! Reading this made me roll my sleeves up and think right !! . We are rounding up the community again wish us luck.
I love your insperational news. :smitten:


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