The New Earth Energies for May/June 2010

The ReConnection into Joy and the Radiance of the New Earth

Beloved Family of Light, what a Joy it has been to serve with you on the Planet in these last two months with this beloved channel. We have enjoyed so much being present with groups of you and sharing our Light and Energy in the Middle East and in Europe. This has been a time of great acceleration and change as the old falls away and the new emerges into manifestation, and as we worked with you we shared in your Joy and Radiance.

We have heard stories, though, that the Archangel Michael energy left the planet in May and was replaced by another energy. We would like to say that rumours of our demise were greatly exaggerated, and that we are with you still and will continue to evolve and grow with you and in harmony with the other Beings of Light that are currently called "Archangels". Yet, our roles as watchers and observers and helpers is changing, and we are indeed moving into our new positions to work with you in ever more powerful and supportive ways as Co-creators in the Light. For, in this New Earth, you are the Masters of Light and Creation, and we serve you by assisting you in your creations and manifestations. We serve to share Light and Information so that you may better carry out your work as Co-Creators of the New Earth in mature and empowered ways.

Beloved Ones, it is not our role to predict the future or tell you what to do or what will be, for that would be to limit the range of possibilities within your creative energies. No, our role is to share our perspectives on the changing energies so that you may be better prepared to make the choices that you need, both as individuals and as a collective, so that you might evolve and grow in the best possible way for you.

So, indeed, we continue to serve you in the Light, with Humility and Grace and Gratitude for the Unfolding of the Divine Will on Planet Earth.

The New "Center of Gravity" and the Light Body Recalibration

First, we would speak to you of the deep changes and transformations in your Light Body Geometries and in your DNA patterns, that have accelerated your transformation in the last few months.

These changes began in May of 2009, when you made the Light Body Collective Reconnection with the Elemental Realms. Then, in November of 2009, you reconnected with the Cosmic Heart Energy through the activation of the Sacred Rose Grids on the Earth and in your Light Bodies. These activations led to rapid evolution within the multi-dimensional energy fields, and your Light Body has formed a new energy center or chakra between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra to be the "Connection Chakra" or Connection Center of Balance for life in the Fifth Dimensional New Earth.

This new chakra vortex lies above the Thymus Glad and links the High Heart, as the center of Unconditional Love and Compassion and Oneness, with the Throat Center, as the Center of Creation and Manifestation of the Will in alignment with Divine Will. It will be the point of Balance of the Light Body/Physical Body in the New Earth and will assist in raising the Frequency of all bodies into Joy and Ecstasy.

Beloved Ones, activating this new energy vortex will enable you to feel more balanced and at ease in the influx of new energies. Your "center" will be held between Compassion and Creation, and you will feel the frequency of Joy in this new configuration.

As you transition to this new alignment, you may experience some physical symptoms of deep clearing in this area that will be similar to flu and bronchitis. Painful throat, loss of voice, coughing and congestion and difficulty in breathing clearly. There may also be symptoms in the sinus and nose area as the meridians between the brow chakra area are aligned and connected.

At the completion of the process, Beloved Ones, you should feel clearer and lighter, and your hearing and vision may be enhanced significantly.

But, Beloved Ones, the purpose of this new center is to Transmit and Receive information on the Multi-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth. You will be receiving more information on more frequencies and you will be transmitting more information to others. The result of this recalibration will be that huge amounts of information will be coming in and going out, and you may initially feel overloaded and unable to cope with the intensity and the speed. But, soon the Light Body/Physical Body complex will adjust and you will become accustomed to these new aspects of your self.

We will explain just briefly, what you may expect with these new alignments. Firstly, you will find that not only are you receiving more information, but you are hearing and understanding more and on deeper levels. You are able to "read" more of any given situation or communication. That is because you are now also receiving the Heart and Throat energies transmissions of these new frequencies very clearly, and can determine the love and will to create that motivates the communication. Of course, where a Being has not yet activated this center in their Light Body, you will immediately "feel" that this person is still operating from the old centers of ego power and manipulation, and you can formulate your responses accordingly. These "feelings" will be transmitted and received in this new center and will be energies or frequencies received with the words and images.

Beloveds, you will find too that your own communication will become deeper and more heart felt. You will feel the need to express deeply and from the heart. Your feelings and desires will be transmitted quite clearly along with your words and images to those who are aligned to receive such transmissions with Joy. Of course, those not yet aligned may not receive these transmissions and may still receive your words on the old levels of ego power, and so there may be misunderstandings and a failure of communication in such cases.

But, Beloved Ones, above all, being situated at this new center will allow you to access the frequency of Joy more clearly. You will feel increasing waves of contentment, love, ecstasy and bliss as your Love and Will to Create is given and received in Beautiful Harmony in these new frequencies.

The Role of the Dolphin Matrix

The Cetacean Family of Light has agreed to be of assistance to Humanity in this Collective Change. The Whales are supporting the changes in the Global DNA matrix, and the Dolphins are spinning out a "Dolphin Matrix" of energy that specifically supports and activates these new changes in the Light Body Field and the DNA.

The Dolphin Matrix Codes were received from the Cosmic Heart by the Dolphin Pod Family at Eilat in the Red Sea area of Israel. These Dolphins hold the energy of Love and Joy for the Middle East and work to transmit these frequencies into the area to create the template of Peace and Joy that will replace the old energies of duality and conflict.

The Eilat Dolphins transmitted these Light Codes to the Planetary Dolphin Family who immediately created the new Global Dolphin Matrix which is supporting these new activations and recordings of the DNA.

The Energy Codes of the Dolphin Matrix may be received as Energy Transmissions and activations from the Dolphin family or by those who are able to channel these frequencies as activations from the Dolphins and the Dolphin Matrix.

The Dolphin Family of Light are assisting with this phase of the work because of their role as Keepers of the Human DNA and its template of Holographic Possibility Equations. They are the Masters of DNA recalibration and are able to shift old energies very quickly with their healing frequencies. Also, they work in a frequency of Joy and Playfulness that is perfectly suited to the energy of the New Earth.

Beloved Ones, as the energies accelerate to 2012 and beyond, the Dolphin Energy Transmissions will be a valuable assistance in helping you to align with the Dolphin Matrix and to activate the new "center" for the New Earth.

Releasing "Catastrophobia" and Moving Beyond Atlantis Fear to the New Age of Love

Beloved Family of Light, as you move into the new space of Joy and Love and Radiance, you will increasingly move away from the old ego energies of guilt and low self-esteem. With this, you will heal at last a long standing "wound" in the Collective Psyche, the wound that produces ongoing fear of catastrophe and destruction by an angry and avenging Earth Mother.

Beloved Ones, the Earth is not angry, the Divine Light unfolds in perfection as she renews herself. It is time to release the Atlantis drama of Global destruction and catastrophe and to replace it with the path of Higher Love and Graceful Evolution. All is in Divine Order.

Those films and prophecies of disaster that portray catastrophe around 2012 are designed to finally release all the negative patterns from your collective consciousness and to heal them to make way for new patterns of Creative Love and Joy. When these dire prophecies are not fulfilled, you will be able to let go and fully enter into the Joy of Life as a Master of Light on Planet Earth, beyond fear and catastrophobia, and able to Enjoy all that is given with Gratitude.

So, Beloved Family of Light, we ask that you hold the intention for a graceful transition into the New Earth without catastrophe or suffering. We ask you to expect the absolute Joy of the New Earth Rising, and nothing less! Release the Past, Live in the Present Moment and embrace what will come, for it will be an expression of Divine Grace and Love and will be Perfect in itself, as is all Life.

The Solar System Energies in May/June 2010

The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on the 27th of May. The Sun will be in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This Fire Moon provides the stimulus for an advance in Spiritual Wisdom and a Unification of Spirit and Matter at Higher Frequencies of Light. It provides the energy for a "leap" forward, that together with the other new energies makes this a very powerful time of expansion and growth. Quiet meditation and focus on the energies of Peace and Love and Joy would be advised at this time. Of course, dancing and celebration would also be a good idea!

On the 6th of June, the Planet Jupiter moves into the first house of Aries to begin a new cycle of expansion and blessing. This will also support the energies of transformation and growth on a personal level as well as the Collective level. On the 12th of June, the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the Twins. In the New Energy this sign signifies the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies in the ascended Fifth Dimensional Being, and it is a good time to focus on this balance and to work with the Sacred Heart Meditation to seed Balance into your life in this next phase of the Year.

On the 21st of June, will be the Earth Solstice celebration, when you experience that moment when the Planet shifts its movement to allow for the change of the seasons. In the North it will mark the longest day and the shortest night, and in the South it will be the shortest day and the longest night. This Solstice will be a gateway that will prepare for the flood of high frequency light energy that will enter the Planet on the 26th of July at the opening of the Lion's Gate and the beginning of the Planetary New Year.

The Full Moon in Capricorn falls on the 26th of June, along with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. This Lunar Alignment will also prepare the Earth to receive the New Light Codes for 2011 that will be initiated into the Earth Grids in late July and early August of 2010. These will be "tuned" into Harmonic Expression and Manifestation at the three stellar "stargates" on the 10/10/10 and the 11/11 and the 12/12. Of these, the 10/10/10 on the 10th of October will be the most powerful, and we will speak more of this at a later time.

We wish you Joy, Love and Bliss in Life's ongoing Adventure!



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