The New Year, The Lion's Gate and the Authentic Expression of "You"!

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Yes is New Year! Many of the Cycles of Time that are based on more authentic star counts of Galactic and Earth time begin their cycles on the 26th of July!

Many of you may have switched to the Mayan based Calendar of "New Time" developed by Jose Arguelles and based on the 13 Moon Cycle. In this system, the year we are leaving behind was the "Yellow Self Existing Seed" Year, and the one that we are entering is the "Red Overtone Moon" Year. These are symbols or glyphs for certain kinds of Cosmic energies that impact on our deep consciousness as we move through the space/time continuum with Spaceship Earth.

Yellow Self Existing Seed is my personal birth tone, so the last year was quite intense for me, you might call it spiritual double whammy. Make no mistake, it was a great year, and full of new beginnings, but it was not an easy one. Like many of you, I was challenged on practically every level to open up and experience and express more of my authentic self. So, the big changes have impacted on every level of my life, to the point where I am even in the process of moving house to a new location that is better suited to the tones and energies that will emerge in this new cycle of the Red Overtone Moon.


 This is the glyph for the Red Overtone Moon, as taken from "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. Here is what they say about the nature of Red Overtone Moon:

The number for Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers who have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity, to embody the awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery.

Certainly, this aligns with where we are now. We have awakened fully in the Yellow Self Existing Seed year, and now in the Red Overtone Moon year we are ready to experience the "Master Teacher" within. This is not about the return of a single great Master Teacher, but about each awakened being finding the Master Teacher within their own being, or the Divine Spark within their own Hearts! What a magnificent year it promises to be on this incoming and powerful wave of Cosmic Light as we move into a New Cycle and a New Energy.

In the Sirian cycle of Stellar time-keeping, July 26th is also the time when the Star Sirius begins its helical rising in Egypt, signifying the rising of the Nile and the flooding of the land to bring abundance. This was also symbolic of the new wave of "Cosmic Water" or Light that would flood through from the Galactic Center to the Earth and bring waves of blessings and the New Codes for Planetary evolution and growth. These New Codes will be activating and electrifying every cell of every being on the Planet with the New Information for the Divine Plan for the Coming Year.

The "Lion's Gate" is thus a Star Portal of New Energies, traditionally assisted to the Earth through Sirius, but now received independently by the Earth in her new status as a "Blue Star" capable of receiving and transmitting Stellar Light Codes. This transmission reaches its climax on the 8th of August (8/8), and then the Stargate closes on about the 12th of August. Certainly a time of Great Celebration for Star/Planet Earth and those who live on her and are awakened and conscious of the nature of Cosmic Evolution.

So, we can expect that this will be a powerful time, but also more stable and more peaceful than perhaps the last few months when this energy first began to make itself felt in the energy field of the Planet.

The Great Teacher has arrived......and it is You!

In this coming year, you will be challenged to connect ever more deeply with the Christ or Buddha within, that Spark of Divine Light and Love that is uniquely You!

Yes, each one of us carries that Spark of Light, and each one of us is a unique expression of that Light. In this coming year, you will seek to express more of Who You Are and what makes you into YOU. This is a process of coming to know yourself and the deep wisdom that resides within you. It is coming to trust yourself to know and to feel what is right for you and what is the right path for you to follow. No one else can tell alone must choose by listening to the Great Teacher within who will support you and guide you into this new energy of Love and Creativity.

It will be an exciting time and a creative time, and a time of great blessings. It will also require you to be very grounded! Feet on the Ground, here on the Earth, experiencing yourself within your Human Angelic Body in the Fifth Dimensional Earth of Miracles and Blessings. Being and Becoming.....on the exciting journey of Earth Reality.

So, I wish you a wonderful journey in the New Cycle of the Red Overtone Moon Year! May you glide on Starlight into a Paradise of your Dreams...whatever they are. Seat belts on....Here we go........!!!


Inspired in Spirit 27th July 2010 6:48 am

Celia, thanks for this wonderful confirmation.

My numerological year is a number 9 too, so it's no wonder the cosmic energies have been felt so greatly! The past few months, I have felt that each day has been an eternity. Eternal moments flowing on from each other - this explains then the new year that we're in - "no time". Your post also explains the reading "ONE" and "CHRIST" that has come up for me recently.

Thank you and a thousand-fold blessings :)

tanya x


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