The Space In Between or Cooking in the Pressure Cooker of (Conscious) Evolution

If you are in a space like I am at the moment, you are probably sending out a spiritual SOS! What Happened? Where am I? Why am I trapped in the Pressure Cooker? Yes indeed, the pressure is on big time right now. We are in the Space Between....between the Lunar Eclipse and the coming total Solar Eclipse on the 11th of July. In this "between" space of change and shift, the pressure is on.

The Changes brought about by the lunar/solar eclipse cycles provide an opportunity for changing Light Codes and "rebooting" the Planetary "computer" so that more up to date information is provided to the Human Collective from the Cosmic Source. The Grand Cross provides an intense focus of energy and the Diamond Light intensifies this focus. Right now, it is so intense that we cannot escape the challenges to evolve and grow at a very rapid rate.

I am told by Spirit that we are entering a phase now where growth and evolution are no longer an option. We have to move forward and make choices, and those of us that are Lightworkers are the ones being pushed off the metaphorical cliff to see whether we can fly...or not! The intense waves of Light and the new Light Codes are coming in thick and fast.

So how do we feel. Speaking for myself I have an intense headache as the Pineal gland goes into overdrive (again) and my body is subjected to the combined electro-magnetic energies of the Cosmic waves as well as the intense anger and anxiety in the Collective. Ah yes, another day on Planet Earth, in the Pressure Cooker of Evolution!

I am told by Spirit too that we/I have to change. There are no options now, we have run out of time and the great leap must be made. This applies on the personal and the global level. And, right now there seem to be two options, we either acknowledge what is happening and focus and give this all we have, because this is what we incarnated for and this is what we have to do, or we can go on in a view of life where everything is ok and wonderful and will change soon, you know, its just around the corner....soon....and we can ignore what is happening and focus on our own little plot and trying to ensure that we get our personal share of wealth and happiness.

On a Global level, this no longer works, it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the blatant evidence that our Planet is going through a huge crisis as she sheds the old and rebirths into the New. And, it is facile and immature to say that "some will die because they have chosen to". Yes, I have heard the belief from people who call themselves spiritually mature, that we each choose our lives so that if you live in Africa, or Gaza, or the Gulf and your life is going down the toilet, well then that is just too bad, you must have chosen it that way, while we chose to have a happy and abundant life, thank you. Yes, isn't it time we stopped finding excuses to evade our responsibility for the energetic balance of the whole planet.

Yes, the whole Planet! Not just the bit where you live, but the whole thing. It is not possible for one little bit to be "paradise" while the other bits are "hell". It is all part of the One, and now we are being asked to wake up and look at the Planet in this way. We are all part of the Earth, and what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico is appalling beyond belief and will affect every person on the Planet in some way. I do not think this is the apocalypse as such, but I do think that it is a major wake up call and a turning point of some kind. We have to see what we are doing and we have to find another way to be.

What is it? I have no idea, any more than you, or Obama or BP ....or anyone right now. Our DNA has been activated and is running the possibilities, but so far, nothing has emerged. We are still emerging...the new is emerging.....The work has been done on the Higher Levels, we have visualized and done ceremonies and have to see what emerges on the material plane. And yes, we must Trust, and Trust and Trust and Pray and Work and Focus...because...This is It!

I have been doing active Ascension and Higer Dimensional work since 1995, and I can tell you that this is the Moment! I have never felt so certain that Now is the Time and that we are under such intense pressure to Make this Shift!

We have all done the work on ourselves for years, now it is time to make that count with our awareness and our Passion for what we came here to do.

In my own life, I spent most of this year in a beautiful state of dream and illusion, a "preview" maybe of what life could be in another time and place, and then was brought crashing back to the "reality" that if we want to get to that time and place, all of us, then we have to start making some different choices, for all us. This playground is not for an elite group only, but for all who live on her.

And that does start with our lives. Some of the choices I have made in the last month have been very difficult and have not brought me happiness. But, they were the only choices I could have made that were in integrity with myself. Spirit agreed with my assessment and told me to hang in and stay with what I believed to be right for me. Evolution will not happen by compromising what you are for what you think you should be or what others think you should be. It is coming to bedrock honesty with yourself that will enable you to see what needs to be seen and to emerge to a new reality.

I know it has been common belief that as we shifted into the Fifth Dimension we would all become telepathic and be capable of healing and other psychic abilities. Yes, that is because such abilities are already programmed into the Human Template. They are nothing new! They are gifts and talents that were lost that are re-emerging, and we have all enjoyed going back and fetching parts of ourselves that we enjoyed in Lemuria and Egypt and Atlantis, and integrating these lifetimes. But this was nothing NEW!

What is new will still emerging right now..... what will it be? Well, maybe it will be a Conscious Human who is aware of the connections between Heaven and Earth and Spirit and Matter. But it will be a fully grounded Human who knows that to nurture and care for the Earth on all levels is the reason for being here, and not trying to get back to Spirit as soon as possible and by any means possible. The New Human will know that to live on the Earth means to fully accept the Human Body and Humanity, and to cease trying to escape life, through drugs,alcohol, entertainment or even excessive meditation practices. Life must be lived and experienced on all levels, and it must be felt in every nerve and sinew of the body...and those feelings must be accompanied by Joy and Gratitude.

Every challenge that we face is an opportunity to grow and extend ourselves and become more. Every challenge is an opportunity to explore and express love on ever deeper and more powerful levels. What if we looked at life as a continual process of evolutionary ascension, and see ourselves at a point where we have become so powerful and complex that the challenges themselves are more intricate and complex and require every bit of our collective focus, intention and compassion, to lift us to the next level of Being that we are all striving for.

In the next three years there will be key moments when we can really lift ourselves into new levels, towards a whole new way of being. Now is one of them. Or, if we fail, then we will most likely spend the next grand cycle of 26000 years at the same level as we are now!

So, in the next ten days, you will most likely encounter this aspect of challenge to grow in some way. It will be both personal and global, and it will not be easy. The choices that must be made will often be difficult, because they must be made from total honesty and a clear vision. We are seeing ourselves as never before, through the mirror of our Planet and those around us. We see the Light and the Dark, the Pain and the Joy, and we embrace them all because they are part of our Growth and our Expansion and our Birth into the New Day that is Emerging!

And we know that those in the Angelic Realms of Spirit are waiting, and watching, and applauding our choices and our growth. They have done their work, and they continue to watch and support, it really is up to us now to make the Choices that will Make a Difference!



shakti 4th July 2010 5:19 am

i am aware, yes the pressure so strong - your message resonates with me..... yet I know not what to change?....

Vision Hawk 4th July 2010 7:46 am

Well, that's the cooker.....we have to wait until the lid blows off to get some clarity. And when we do, the energy of change will be there with us.:)) Tough, but hey, it's what we all signed up for !! Good luck to us all !!

Delanderius 5th July 2010 2:25 am

Thank you for helping me to recognize something I saw last so long ago that I could not see what is before me - an unending horizon of a rising sun, and a new day just beginning to blossom. In the mathematics of Infinity, 26000 years is not that long. If we are Eternal Beings, then what is our relation to Time? Certainly it need not be as an oppresive force, commanding a sense of urgency to rise within us and ovewhelm our good sense, robbing us of the capacity to feel the presence of the Good, of the Lover, of the Wonder everpresent in the Life Force surrounding us. This pressure of late, this sense of urgency, has felt so artifical to me and made me suspicious... Now I can't help but believe that it's aiding the transition we MUST undergo, of taking what we've learned in the last 15 years of ill-torment and poor-strife and living out of the energies of the seeds for new awareness that have been unlocked within our psyches, and tend to THEIR development, for they are what will bring the calm to the storm as we move into, and through the centers of our own individuated spirits.

Delanderius 5th July 2010 2:47 am

The best spiritual teachers indoctrinate their students with untruths and lies - in realizing the deceit, the student experiences a realization that is wholly their own, which yields a kind of purity of awareness of the essence of truth. Spirit is no less cunning -- This is NOT it. This is This, That is That, It is It, and I am I and so are you. If Humanity - and our very own selves - are to continue to Evolve, we must disengage ourselves from the Anger and Agonies of the Collective, rise above the stormy present, and disenthral ourselves from our conceptions of what was, is, and will or could have been - because so much of that is rooted in WRONG, beit because of sin, or greedy and selfish human natures, or "low vibratory states," whatever language is used to express this single Sense: Everything We Know Is Wrong. If we did not have that Sense, there would be no need to awaken from the Nightmare of History. Now that we are Awake, we need the sense of being the Right Time at the Right Place, doing the Right Thing - for that, we must let the pressure go. Then we can things Right.

Mys. Terious 5th July 2010 3:42 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Nick9 5th July 2010 4:00 am

1. Everybody has his own path

2. We are all connected

3. There is a thing called spirit

4. Its all bullshit. (my own) :)


susie_walker 5th July 2010 7:04 am

Mys. Terious - even more applause for you :thumbs:

Did you read my mind before you wrote that??? Not only do we have to take responsibility for our individual creations/messes, we absolutely need to do the same for what we have co-created. Pretending it's nothing to do with us just ain't gonna work and I don't plan on going anywhere until I've done my part.

Mys. Terious 5th July 2010 2:14 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]


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