Becoming a Vessel for Radiant Peace

I haven't had much to say in the last week as I seem to be having quite a different experience to most people. I am feeling immensely Peaceful and Relaxed and even confident about the future that we are moving into. I am sure that as the month progresses towards the Lion's Gate after the Sun enters Leo, that we will really begin to feel the intensity of this new "super-radiant" energy, as Archangel Michael calls it. We are moving towards a state of energetic switch-over, when the Golden Light of Ascended Love becomes stronger than the old and chaotic energies of the disintegrating old earth energies. Of course, the old energies will be around for a while, but the New Earth energies are becoming stronger every day, and the coherent and radiant light of Love and Peace are becoming stronger on the Planet.

That is why I have been feeling so Peaceful. I feel as though everything has been "emptied out" and I have become just an empty vessel to be filled with this radiant golden light of Peace. I don't feel it all the time, but there are moments when this deep and radiant energy just fills my being. I feel completely content in the moment and at peace with all things. It is a good feeling, and I think that it is one that we will increasingly come to know and feel as we move towards 2012 and the "marker" of the big switchover.

Symptoms some people have been reporting have beent the experience of intense energy moving through their bodies. Yes, this Golden Light is intense and powerful, and if you become a transmitter of the Golden Light, then people around you are going to begin to feel that energy coming off you. You will become radiant and you will give out this powerful and coherent light.

Other people are reporting increased chaos and disruption in their lives. This is all part of the disintegration of the old and the move into another level of Light Coherence in the Fifth Dimension. As the Golden Light intensifies, people will move through their "stuff" at a much faster rate and will be processing and letting go of whatever holds them back from truly experiencing the Freedom and Power of who they are. It is a time of great liberation and great joy, if we can only see how we are growing and changing daily.

It is in this quiet space that I have been coming to terms with what I perceive as one of the greatest changes and transformations that our Planet is facing right now in 2008. I call it the "failure of democracy", mostly because that is the subject of discussion down this way right now. I think it is true to say that twentieth-century style democracy has failed. It failed in 2000 when Al Gore won the election and George Bush became President, and from there on it has been downhill all the way. In Africa, we have Mugabe who just plain refuses to be part of the process, and in my own country there are rumblings about the Constitution and democratic process. I think what we have come to see is that what I call "top down" democracy just does not work in the 21st century. As we have woken up and become more conscious of what happens in the world, we have become aware of how we are being manipulated by the powers that be. The basic idea of "democracy" has been lost somewhere out there.

I have recently spoken to several Americans who have decided not to vote in the next election because they cannot support either candidate, and feel that they are being co-erced into a choice that they do not want to make. In fact, democracy in America has become a process where the "people" are presented with two options and told to decide, but they do not decide who the options will be. So, there seems to be a distinct disconnection between the "grass roots" or the "people" and the process of democracy which should be rule and selection by the people. I think nowhere is this clearer than in the USA right now. So.....what are the answers?

Well, according to Archangel Michael, each person must indeed make a choice for themselves as to how they consider they may be most effective in bringing Peace and Harmony and Balance to the Earth. But, he says that the power to make real changes lies, as it always has, with the people. That is true democracy. And, the people themselves live in communities, and it is up to these communities to begin the process of empowering themselves to make changes in their lives. Each of us can make choices as to how we will live and what we will focus our energy on in this time. It may not be the government officals who will lead. In the New Earth, it may be the People who will lead and the government officials who will serve the will of the people. Now, that sounds like democracy. But, the People have to know what they want on an informed basis, and they cannot allow themselves to be manipulated and swayed by media reports and fear mongering, as is the case in the modern "democratic" process. It is time for ordinary people to begin to decide what they want in their lives and to ask for that. It is time for us to empower ourselves and to ask. That means, to ask Spirit to lead us and guide us, and to ask quite clearly in our daily lives for what we need and want for our communties.

It has been my work with the "Children of Africa" project in the last two years that has helped me to see where this groundswell of change lies. At that time, two years ago, Archangel Michael kept insisting to me on the importance of being grounded and engaging with real people in a real community. And so it is, that at this time of changeover I am seeing the path forward, while many Lightworkers are telling me that they are feeling stuck or they don't know what to do next. Well, of course Spirit will reveal the next step in due time, for each one of us, but it is becoming increasingly plain that we have to re-invent "democracy" as a way of expressing the will of the People in Peaceful and Creative and Constructive ways. We are re-inventing neighbourhoods and support systems and generosity and kindness, things that we don't get from our elected government officials at this time. And maybe, once we have done this, our leaders will start to get the idea too.

We are Powerful Creators. We stand at a time in our Spiritual evolution when we are being empowered with so much Light. It is time to begin to shine that Light and to be a Radiant and Light filled presence on the planet, and to express this in the Creation of Peace, Balance and Harmony. Starting with our own own lives. Now. Today.

Become the Vessel that is filled with the Godlen Light of Peace.

Become Peace.


willy c. 16th July 2008 8:18 am

For me, these words of wisdom and grace shine light from afar on the path my soul seeks to follow. Thank you. When my mom died, she requested we sing the song with the recourse,"let there be peace in the world, and let it begin with me". Namaste

Jill 19th July 2008 4:22 am

what a great post! Thanks for posting it and sharing it with all of us!


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